Thursday, November 09, 2017

Cirque Colors | Maison

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

The Cirque Colors Maison collection is finally up on my blog - in case you haven't seen hundreds of swatches already :D

It's a dusty light camo base with gold-pink shimmer and gold holo nanoglitters.
2 coats 

It's a dusty rose color (with mauve undertones), gold-red shimmer and silver holo nanoglitters.
2 coats 

It's a dusty blue base with gold-red-pink shimmer and gold holo nanoglitters.
2 coats 

It's a peach toned off-white creme base with orange/copper microflakies.
1 normal + 1 thicker coat, or 3 thin coats. 

It's a royal blue base with gold-bronze UCC flakies, but I can see a little bit of some other colored flakies too.
2 coats

Cold: mint toned turquoise green
Warm: turquoise blue
It has the same blend of gold-bronze UCC flakies + a little bit of other colors as Lapis Lazuli has.
2 coats

  ROTHKO RED (thermal)
Cold: deep, oxblood red
Warm: red
2-3 coats

PATINA (thermal)
Cold: dark brown base
Warm: beige base
It has lots of bronze microflakies and some holo dust.
2 coats

It's a light grey tint base with tons of metallic microflakies in various colors.
2 thicker or 3 thinner coats. 

It's an antique gold with olive tones, with metallic microflakies and some holo dust.
2 coats 

I have many favorites from this collection - and to be honest, all of them could've been my favorite when it comes to the formulations - but my top picks are Magic Turquoise, Stoneware, Patina, Estate, Succulent Garden and surprisingly Rothko Red.

All of these shades are limited edition! They are available at Cirque Colors website and at their stockists, like Nailland.

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  1. Incredible, impossibly beautiful swatches and photos! Your nails are gorgeous - thank you so much for sharing!