Sunday, November 26, 2017

A-England | Tudoresque

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

A-England released a new collection, there's 8 new shades to choose from. The Tudoresque collection is inspired by King Henry VIII and his 6 wives, 16th century portraits with their rich fabric, tapestries and jewels.


 The name used by King Henry VIII when jousting, one of his favourite entertainment
Personality: solemn, imposing, majestic
It's a plum toned dark brown velvety holo with gold shimmer flakes.
2 coats.  


The first wife and daughter of the King and Queen of Spain. Her marriage lasted 23 years, then annulled.
Personality: Regal / Gold

It's a greyed sand velvety holo with gold shimmer flakes. 
2 coats. 


Second wife and mother of the future Queen Elizabeth I. The key figure in the political, religious change in England from Catholic to protestant. Her marriage lasted 2 years. Beheaded for treason
Personality: Passionate / Red

It's a rich red velvety holo with a slight pink inner glow.


 Third wife. Subdue and peaceful. From lower birth and raise in the country where Henry would go hunting. Gave birth to a son and died of post natal complications. Marriage lasted 1 year 4 months
Personality: Gentle, peaceful, genuine / Green

It's an undersaturated dark mossy green velvety holo with gold shimmer flakes.
2 coats. 


 Fourth wife. A German princess. Wise woman. Disliked by the King at first sight but pressurised to marry her. The marriage lasted 6 month and was annulled as not being consummated. She didn’t resist the annulment and received a generous settlement by the King. She outlived all the wives.
Personality: Wise and chaste / pale pink with gold accent

 It's a dusty rosy-pink velvety holo with a slight golden inner glow.
2 coats. 


 fifth wife. The marriage lasted 1 year and 3 months. Beheaded at 21 years old for alleged adultery.
Personality: Very young, sensual and flirty /  bright teal
It's a teal velvety holo with gold shimmer flakes.
2 coats. 


Far cousin of the King. Twice widowed. She restored the unity at court between the King and his children. She survived him. The wedding lasted after 3 years and six months
Personality: Highly intelligent and literate / blue (as bluestockings for intellectual women’s society)
It's an indigo blue velvety holo.
2 coats.


The motto Anne Boleyn chose for her coronation. It sounds appropriate to all the wives by the time they where chosen.
Personality: Royal, femininity - purple

It's a royal purple velvety holo with slight pink inner glow.
2 coats.

The quality - as always - was phenomenal, all of the polishes were easy 2 coaters. New thing was (at least for me) a brush change: these came with a wider, flat and rounded brushes.

My favorites: Catherine Howard (teal), Jane Seymour (green), Sir Loyal Heart (brown) és Anne Boleyn (red).

This collection is already available at A-England website and their stockist.


  1. Oh wow, Adina outdid herself again :)

    Love, Lotte

  2. Stunning swatches! Wow! You make me want to get all of them, lol.