Saturday, February 25, 2017

NCLA | swatch + nail art

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 Here I am with another NCL swatch + nail art post. This time I tried to create manicures with Spring vibe.

NCLA - Gemini
NCLA recently came out with a collection about signs, and since I'm a gemini, a got the shade Gemini :) It's a slightly cold toned pastel yellow creme.
Coverage of pastel yellows are always tricky, so I wasn't surprised that I needed 3 coats, although in some lights I could kinda see some streakiness still, but it was totally bearable.

I used Gemini as my base for this floral nail art. I decided on the blue-yellow-black color combination, so I painted on the flowers with Crush On The Lifeguard and Drop Of Teal, I dotted with 2" Above The Knee, Yeah Right, and then I outlined with black acrylic paint.

NCLA - 2" Above The Knee, Yeah Right
It's an egg yolk color, which is one of the most divisive colors I think. Sadly it's not the best for my skintone, but I will use it for nail art, combined with other colors.
It has a thicker consistency, but at least it covers in 2 coats. It dries down a little bit darker/more burnt than when it's wet. 

NCLA - Drop Of Teal
It's a medium teal linear holo. I used 2 coats, which covered perfectly. 

I loved this nail art so much, I wore it for 4 days! For the little succulents I was inspired by THIS picture. My green base is These Grades Are Just a Jumping Off Point, and under the succulent I used Nudes Volume I, but only in 1 coat, because originally I didn't wanted to have that "negative space" that I ended up loving so much :D

NCLA - These Grades Are Just a Jumping Off Point
 It's a gorgeous deep green with neutral (sometimes colder) undertone.
It covers in 2 coats, it didn't stained my nails.

Well yeah, my calligraphy was never on point, I should practice it more :D Anyway, this design looked a lot better in real life. I got the inspiration from a bag that I saw on Forever21.
My base was Pink Lemonade, and the design was painted with acrylic paint.

NCLA - Pink Lemonade
It's really the color of pink lemonade, so weird, it has a lemony undertone, which is kinda unbeliavable, it's such a unique pink, I almost like it :D
However, my pictures are not that true to color, I just couldn't capture that interesting tone of it sadly :(
It covers in 3 coats. 

And lastly, here's a single shot of a really simple drag marble nails that I did with Pink Lemonade and Crush On The Lifeguard, I loved that color combination!

The final post will be up a couple of weeks later, with lots of Summery designs, tropicals and mermaid stuff, I can't wait :D

NCLA polishes are available from the official website, but they can be purchased from stockists too. I couldn't find a full list, but here are some stockist that I could quickly find for you:


  1. Fantastic swatches, info & nail art! I loved both the succulent and the flowers designs!!

  2. Fantastic swatches and nail art, I love the yellow floral and pink babe nails, you're always so detailed and creative. I love it!
    Vicky x