Sunday, February 05, 2017

Masura | nail polishes + nail art

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                               PR sample

Last time I showed you 5 magnetics from Masura, and today I will show you 5 non-magnetics. Masura is well known of their amazing magnetic polishes, but let me tell you they have some really awesome regular polishes too! Plus, to make it more exciting I will have a freehanded nail art in the end of the post as well :)

 1091 - TEA LEAF
It's a really hard color to describe. In some lights it's totally green but then in other lights I can definitely see some teal tones in it. It's also really hard to capture the true color in photos, so only one thing is certain: it's stunning :D Also, I was 100% sure that this polish is a creme, but if you look closely you can see the daintiest silver shimmer you can ever imagine.
I used 2 thicker coast here.

I love a good metallic finish, so I'm in love with this one too. It has a slight blue undertone, but it really depends on the light and other conditions, it might appear like a true silver. The topcoat did blurred the metallic effect a little bit. Surprisingly it needed 3 thin coats to cover evenly. 

1076 - PAISLEY
It's a purple toned grey base with holo flakes and holo dust. This polish can appear totally grey in some lights and it really depends what you wear it with. When I opened the package I felt silly asking for this shade, because I already have 2 grey holos and I thought it will be a dupe for pp Winter, but when I actually grabed pp Winter and put it beside Paisley I was like: "Wait a minute, this is purple!" So yeah, it can be a tricky little shade.
I recommend 2 thicker or 3 thinner coats. 

It's a really pale violet (cold/purple toned pink) with holo flakes and holo dust. The name of this polish is a little bit misleading, because it's not as purple toned as a lavender shade would be, it has a lot of pink in it, although it's a really cold toned one.
This one was the least pigmented that I tried here today, I needed 3 thicker coats. 

1053 - CITY OF OZ
It's a fresh, bright, warm toned grass green jelly base with holo flakes and purple to blue shifting microflakies.
It's a jelly base, so I needed 3 coats. 

Masura shades can be purchased from a couple of stockists, most of them ship worldwide, HERE is the full list.

I choosed Tea Leaf as my base for this nail art. First, I painted on the grid with the icy You Know Where To Find Me, then I freehanded the floral pattern with acrylic paint. Oh I love those colors together so much <3


  1. The colors of nail polishes are just..common. But nail art you created is wonderful!

  2. Wow I LOVE Paisley! Those shades that are in between grey and purple are some of my favorites. Loving your nail art too!

  3. Gorgeous swatches and the nail art you did with these is phenomenal!