Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Moroccan watercolor tile

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

I got this 3mm thick metallic tape from Born Pretty Store for review. I never had luck with these tapes in the past, they always peeled off in a couple of hours, so I haven't used any in years. I thought it's enough time passed, they got better adhesive properties, so I was giving it another try.

I choosed color #4 which - you can't really tell from my pictures - is a pretty bronze color, the pictures on the BPS site are true to color. The roll has lots of product on it, and it's really metallic, I loved it, but sadly my hopes didn't came true. The adhesive is still pretty bad on these. I tried my best: didn't cut the tape too close to my cuticles, I pushed down really hard, used lots of topcoat around the edges, then used extra 2 coats of topcoat, but the next morning most of them started to peel off. I believe it can work better with gel polish/actual gel to fix it, and I even thought about to put nail glue under it, but mine was dried up, so I couldn't try out this presumption.

But now, lets talk about that moroccan watercolor tile pattern :) It was inspired by a nail art that I saw on @_riri_colorsnail Instagram feed a while back, THIS is that design.
First, I used an off-white base, then I painted on the tile lines with white acrylic paint. Then I watered down some blue/teal acrylic pain and filled in the pattern, and lastly I outlined it again with white. And guess what, I did both hands this time, but of course I painted the ones for my right hand on a silicon mat :D You might saw a sneak peek video on my instagram story about that :) Of course the bronze tape peeled off after a day, but I could remove it without damaging the watercolor design, so I grabbed my Essie Penny Talk polish and painted on the lines with that, this way I could wear this mani for 4 days before I got bored of it :D

You can find the decorative nail tape HERE, but I would only recommend it for gel nail art.
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  1. This is so gorgeous! I have to try that watercolour look!