Tuesday, October 18, 2016

NAIL ART | Halloween 1.0

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 This post contains PR samples

I gathered 3 nail art for today's post, and of course all 3 is in the spirit of Halloween. I'm in total spooky mode in October, so I have so much nail art ideas, but sadly I don't have enough free time to create them all. Hopefully I can make at least 3 more Halloween nails until the end of the month, so in the 2.0 version blog post I can show them to you.
First up is a "fancy meets spooky" kinda design. It's a freehand skull with half moon brains :D Originally, I wanted to paint the brains just normal brain colors, but then the genious idea of rosegold brains popped into my...head :D

Besides Cirque Colors Halcyon, eveything else is acrylic paint. The proportion of the skull is not too realistic, I had to alter it a little bit, so they will fit into my nails, but I must say, I freakin' LOVE how they came out :D

The following 2 nail art was already posted on Instagram, but I thought I will include them anyway.

It's a framed type of nail art with spiderwebs. My base is Delush Polish Master Of Wine, and the spiderweb is of course freehand with acrylic paint. I like how vampy-witchy but also kinda elegent they look.

And this nail art was my first Halloween nails this year. I wanted it all black and white first, but then I decided to give it a vintage look by sponging on yellow-brown-grey polishes. The bugs were handpainted with black acrylic paint.
Love how they turned out, and somehow they doesn't disgust me, even though I hate bugs in real life :D