Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bundle Monster | Mystic Woods Set 2 stamping plates

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                               PR sample

 These plates just launched yesterday on the Bundle Monster website. It's called Mystic Woods, and as you can see, it's Set 2, so there's another 10 piece set besides this. I really love the theme, and although not all ot the patterns are for my taste, but most of them I really like.
As usual, I made 1-1 nail art for each plate. All of the used products can be read under the pictures.

Gosh, I loved this manicure soooo much <3
Essence black nail polish, Bundle Monster Eldorado, Violet Waves polish for the gradient base, Star Dust shimmer flakes (I sprinkled the base with these, but sadly my pictures didn't really show the effect), BM Tranceland and Summer Cruise polishes

Colors by Llarowe Emerald Isle, Essie Leggy Legend, BM Hottie Tottie and Angelic White polishes, Avon Tender

BM Peaceful Harmony gel polish, BM Noir Black, Hottie Tottie, Angelic White, Kandi Spirit, Sunrise, Summer Cruise and Lilypad polishes

Barry M Mustard, BM Lilypad polish, Moyra Metal effect #301

Born Pretty Store flakie polish (sponged on), BM Noir Black polish, Essie Matte About You matte topcoat

ILNP Mega X, BM Violet Waves and Tranceland polishes

(Badly made) gradient base using BM Jungle Mirage, Summer Cruise and Violet Waves polishes, stamping with BM Noir Black and Freedom Ring polishes

Another fave of mine, although it looked much more striking in real life :D
Essence black nail polish, BM Noir Black, I Bleed Blue, Summer Cruise, Orange Burst polishes, Star Dust shimmer flakes

BM Darling Delight gel polish, BM Rave Babe polish

Cupcake Polish Dream, Believe and Imagine, BM Angelic White polish

My favorite plates/patterns are the following: 181 (two leaf pattern on the right), 187 (forest pattern in the middle), 188 butterfly wings (I must say though, that these wings are quite big, I don't think that they would fit on shorter nails), 185, 186.

As usual, I didn't had any problem with the plates.

You can get the plates as a set or individually, Mystic Woods Set 2 can be found HERE, and Set 1 is HERE.

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What do you think about these patterns?


  1. They all are amazing ! Beautiful :)

  2. Just stumbled across this, Wow you are talented!!!!