Friday, October 28, 2016

F.U.N. Lacquer | Iparallaxe collection

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

I have the brand new F.U.N. Lacquer collection in collaboration with french blogger Iparallaxe to show you today. There are 6 stunning shades in this collection.
All of the shades are more on the jellier side, so I would recommend using 3 coats of each to build up the depth. However, some of the shades are a little bit better in pigmentation, so they might can work in 2 coats on shorter nails. There are a little bit difference in the size and quantities of the multichrome flakies, but I will describe every shade below. Also, these polishes has a medium linear holo effect, but I couldn't capture it very well, because of the lack of sunshine.

The shades come in these stunning and blingy soft blue holo boxes *-*

This one is a big favorite of mine, I adore it's color combination!
It's a cold toned berry-burgundy jelly with holo effect, holo flakes and teal-green-blue-purple UCC flakes. In this the UCC flakies are bigger, and their quantity is less than the others. 

It's a cold emerald green jelly base with holo effect, holo flakes and lots of lime-green-teal-blue UCC flakies which are bigger than the average.

It's a cold toned purple jelly base with holo effect, holo flakes and a big amount of small green-teal-blue and small pink-purple UCC flakies. 

It's a slightly warm toned gray holo base with holo flakes and average size and amount of multicolor UCC flakes.
This one has better coverage, 3 thin coats or 2 thicker ones will do the trick. 

It's a brighter dark blue jelly base with holo effect, holo flakes and average size and amount of multicolor UCC flakes.
 This one also has better coverage, apply 3 thin coats or 2 thicker ones.

It's another huge favorite of mine!
It's a cold toned pine green jelly base (a little bit greener in person) with holo effect, holo falkes and small and average amount of pink-purple-blue UCC flakes. 

I think I never liked an entire F.U.N. Lacquer collection this much, those flakies, color combinations and of course the genious work of Mélanie totally charmed me :)
You can find Mélanie's swatches of the collection HERE.

This collection launched today, so the colors are available on the official FUN Lacquer website, along with their stockists.


  1. I love the collection, these flakes are insane!!!

  2. I like this glitters. I would like to paint my nails with it. I've already seen a couple of interesting Glitter nails and want to do something special.