Thursday, September 15, 2016

ILNP | Fall 2016 - Partial

MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                                       PR sample

Hungarian webshop Nailland offered me 4 shades from the upcoming ILNP Fall 2016 line. I choosed these gorgeous ones, but of course I will be the first in line to pre-order some more :D
 Gladly ILNP returned to their 2-3 coater formulas, so if you were a little bit dissapointed by the sheerness of the Summer shades, than you will be really pleased with these.

It's a deep, blackened mulberry base with schattered holo flakes, red to pink shimmer and red to pink shimmer flakes. In some light you can only see a black! polish that is scattered through with some holo flakes. But once your nails get some direct light, the gorgeous red-pink shimmer and flakes light up! I really like this color, it's vampy, dark, I can't wait to wear it again or freehand some witch-y pattern over it!
The best part is that it's a 2 coater!

One of my favorite finish returned with a gorgeous copper-y shade! I really like ILNP's Ultra Metallics line, I just love to see how shiny and holo they are. It's a copper (with slight salmon undertones) jelly base with silver flakes and holo flakes.
Gorgeous, flawless formula, I only needed 2 coats!

From the Neutrals line I have this muted, greyed out blue shade with tons of holo flakes. I love to wear moody shades like this, and I'm pretty sure I will buy at least one more (probably Alexander).
Depending on your application and nail length you will need 2-3 coats.

And last but not least we have this rich red-maroon multichrome. It's primary color is red-maroon, but it shifts from a golden orange to even pink. It has holo flakes and gold-pink shimmer flakes as well.
Really nice formula, this is 2-3 coats without a black base!

Nailland will have a pre-order for the Fall collections with 10% discount, you can also pre-order older shades as well! The pre-order will start on September 16th and will end on September 19th.
Nailland likely will get the polishes next Friday, so we don't have to wait too much for them :)))
I'm planning to pre-order Alexander, Extra Credit and Chocolate Slate for sure, but I might will end up buying even more, they are all so pretty!


  1. MON AMOUR is stunning! Also, I love the dusty color of INDUSTRIAL PARK.

  2. Great pictures of these beauties! Can't decide if I like Mon Amour, The Harpist or Sitting Fireside the best... They're all so pretty. :)

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