Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Born Pretty Store | Glitter placement with loose holo glitters

MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                                     PR sample

 I choosed this loose holo glitter set for review mid-late Summer from Born Pretty Store, with the strong plan to create a tropical glitter placement nail art. Well, Summer is gone, also the 12pcs set that I recieved didn't contains any kinds of true green glitters (while the promo pics on BPS have 2 colors of green plus a turquoise), so I had to figure out another pattern to use it for.
The colors are the following: silver, gold, a weird red, pink, lavender, magenta, purple, periwinkle, blue, turquoise, brown, black. They are 1mm size, so they are quite small, and they have a really strong holo effect, although not 100% of the glitters are holo. Especially the black one (as you will see later on, the black has quite a lot of regular, metallic glitters along with the holo ones).
I haven't noticed any kind of bleeding when I applied topcoat (Seche Vite) over them, so I guess they can be used for frankening as well.

I made two nail art with these loose glitters, and here's how I do my glitter placements:
I apply my basecolor and let it dry completely. Then I paint on the pattern roughly with acrylic paint (this way I will have a base for the glitters, so I don't have to place them super precise) and wait until it dries. Then I paint on a thin coat of foil glue (I use the cheepest one from ebay). The foil glue will be sticky even after it dried, so you don't have to worry about painting clear polish all the time. I read about this tip over at Katharina's IG page (@cottonconey) and I can't thank enough for her, because it's one of the most useful tips for nail art ever! After I'm done placing all the glitters I want, I use 2 coats of topcoat, then I outline the pattern with black acrylic paint. To make it easier I use a clear gel topcoat to make the design glossy and even (I used a peel off basecoat, so there was no problem to get rid of the gel polish in the end). If you want to use simple polish, then you probably will need 2 additional coats to make the surface completely even and glossy.

First, I created a Fall inspired nail art with leaves. I used Rimmel Rain Rain Go Away as my base and gold, that weird red and brown holo glitters. I loved this look so much! I was wearing it for almost 2 days until it started to peel off.

My second design is a full on glitter placement using black, pink, lavender, purple, periwinkle and turquoise holo glitters over a black base (of course I painted on the pattern first with corresponding colors of acrylic paint). You can see those empty spots in the black background, right? There are glitters in there too, but they are not holo :( I was doing the nail art at night, using a lamp, and I couldn't see which glitters are holo and which are simply shiny, metallic ones.

You can buy this 12pcs loose holo glitter set HERE (it's on sale right now).
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  1. OMG! This is stunning (especially the first one)! Absolutely the best nail art I've seen lately :)

  2. So amazing! Thank you for the tutorial and tips. Beautiful designs!

    Katie B.

  3. Wow! The fall leaves are incredible!

  4. Such a helpful post! The designs you've made using this technique are both so pretty!💕💕💕