Monday, September 19, 2016

Bundle Monster | Monocle stamper and Poli-Peel review

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I have two Bundle Monster products to talk about. I used both of them quite a lot, so my opinion formed fully.
First, let's see the Poli-Peel cuticle defender which is a liquid latex product in a 13ml (0.4fl.oz) bottle with precision brush (like stripper polishes has). BM sells them in a duo pack, and that's what I got too for review. I used up one of the bottles, and all I can say is that I'm really pleased with it.
Before Poli-Pell, I used a simple liquid latex (Mehron), 30ml version with a brush applicator. I liked it a lot, it was perfect, but no matter how quickly I worked with it, no matter that I kept the bottle sealed all the time, the whole thing dried up way before I reached half of the bottle. I was really curious how Poli-Peel will change it's consistency, that's why I waited almost 6 months to review it. As I said, I just used up one of the bottles, and I surprised to say that it changed almost nothing. It was quite liquidy to begin with, and it doesn't really thickend up at all. Also, I had to clean up the brush only twice while with the Mehron liquid latex I had to clean it all the time, because the latex gunked up around it.
As I said, it comes with a thin brush which I was REALLY sceptical about it at the first time. I could't see how that tiny brush can hold enough product. I thought I will have to dip the brush a lot of times to cover my skin completely. Oh boy, I was wrong :D Sure, you kinda have to figure out the technique first, but it is actually a really practical thing. I can cover a nail (as much you can see it in the pictures below - which is enough for stamping or gradient) with only one dip. First I start around and IN the cuticles (don't fear to put the product right into your cuticle! That way the polish won't pool in there at all! I hate seeing videos where people use latex products, but don't cover their cuticles completely...of course the polish goes right in there, and they can grab their acetoned brush to clean it... where's the logic in that? You use latex barriers to prevent that in the first place, right?!) then I cover the surrounding skin using the latex on the handle as well.
It dries really quickly (under 1 minute), you can see how the light pink product turns into a darker pink. You don't have to use a lot, it will work just as well with a thin coat. I can peel the whole thing off in one piece.
The last picture in the collage below is an unedited, uncleand-up picture of my nails right after I peeled off the Poli-Peel.

I'm really loving this product, and when I use up that other 13ml bottle, I will buy some more, but I will buy the refill bottle which has 60ml (2.1fl.oz). Of course you can buy only the refill bottle and fill your own (used and cleaned up; or new) nail polish bottle with it.

The 13ml duo costs $14.99, while the 60ml refill bottle is $19.99.
You can buy the duo HERE, and the refill bottle HERE

The second product that I'm reviewing today is the Monicle stamper, which is a XL sized round stamper (1.5 inch (3,8cm) diameter stamping surface) with a crystal clear silicone stamper head and clear acrylic handle. Ever since these clear stampers were invented, I use them, and only them for stamping. Before these, I couldn't stamp directly onto my nails, because the pattern was never in the right place, it wasn't symmetrical at all, so I always had to make stamping decals. Now I can totally forget about stamping decals :D I have smaller clear stampers, which aren't the best, because I can't see my nails right, they distort the sight, also the long handle wasn't my favorite. With the Monocle stamper I can see everything perfectly, I'm very pleased with it. My only complaint is that it's a little bit hard, so I can't push my nails into it while I stamp, I can only roll it on my nails. Which is fine of course, it's working just as perfectly, but I wanted to mention it for the sake of fellow strong C-curved nail girls.
It comes with a practical cap, which is the best thing ever! I often leave my stampers out in the open, on my nail desk, untouched for days/weeks, and all the existing dust and dog hair will find it's way to them :D Well, not anymore!

I used this stamper for all of my manicures in my previous Bundle Monster post (HERE), which means more than 10 nail art. I had zero problems picking up the patterns, so my final thought is that it's a really nice stamper, I can recommend it to everyone!

The Monocle stamper set includes the stamper itself (silicone head + acrylic handle with cap) plus a scraper and you can find it HERE, but you can order replacement silicon heads as well, which you can find HERE.

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  1. Even though I don't stamp much, I have been interested in these clear stampers. I particularly like this short barrel monocle-style one. It seems like the best of all.
    I did purchase some cuticle protector for stamping and sponging but have not used it at all yet. The one you are reviewing seems very nice. Thank you for bringing these products to our attention!

  2. Oh man I totally understand what you're saying about bloggers who don't get the latex all the way in the cuticles. It drives me crazy and I never understood why they didn't since they had to use acetone anyway, defeating the purpose. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets bothered by that haha!

  3. Love the nails you created with these! I recently got a clear stamper too and it makes such a huge difference :)