Saturday, June 13, 2015

REVIEW | Born Pretty Store BP-L013

Today I will show you another Born Pretty Store stamping plate. I love how versatile this plate is, there are a lot of geometric patterns, but it also contains some really cute ones too. (Oh and I'm sorry, but I just noticed that the plate in my first pic is upside down :D #tiredblogger)
The plate contains 21 patterns, and their size is 1,5X1,7 cm, they are not too big, so long nails are not welcome :( For my nails this is the perfect size, so I'm not complaining :D
The plate works really well, all of the patterns are nice and easy to use, so it's a really great stamping plate, with lots of patterns.
I made 3 manis with it, I think my fave is the last one, the military themed one :)

If you like this stamping plate then click HERE to get it, and feel free to use my 10% off code: CSBQ10
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