Thursday, June 11, 2015

F.U.N. Lacquer 2015 Limited Edition Collection

After a long, and sneak-peak filled waiting, I can finally show you the new collection from F.U.N. Lacquer. It's called 2015 Limited Edition Collection, so they are one time release polishes, so quickly grab a bottle or two before it's gone! They come in these awesome holographic boxes btw. :)
As you know, I'm really bad at narrowing down the quantity of pictures, so prepare yourself for a long blogpost (and I also made a video about them, which you can watch at the end of this post) :D But it's gonna worth your time, I promise ;)
The collection consists of 7 nail polishes, and they are all holographic in some way.
The retail price on is USD12.90
The official release date is 13th June, 11.30pm Singapore Time, so keep an eye on that time!  


One of my faves is Distinct. It has a dusty, dark grey base with a hint of blue (which has holographic shimmer in it - if I'm not mistaken). It also contains multicolor flakies and smaller holographic hexagon glitters too. To make it more interesting, it also have pinkish-purple shimmer in it, it's absolutely amazing! It is really holographic, one of the most holographic from this collection!
This is 2 coats with topcoat. The formula is great (slightly thicker, but works just fine).


I feel this one will be really popular :) It is an amazing red/burgundy color, which is holographic, but also contains holographic glitters. Such a pretty combination! But this is not all, there is also purple shimmer in it, so it is even more interesting and stunning!
I used 2 easy coats with topcoat, great formula!


Storm is a dusty mauve with holographic shimmer, holographic glitters and silver flakies. This one is really pretty, but sadly it dosn't goes well with my skintone... but I will wear it anyways :D
I used 2 coats, with topcoat. Again, the formula is great, a little bit thick (because of the lot of glitters and flakies, but totally manageable).


This one is another fave of mine. It has a slightly blue-tinted base and it contains a lot of holographic shimmer and blue holographic glitters. Because the base is so sheer this one is more like a topcoat, but you can build it up with a sponge (I made swatches of that too, and I also tried it on white - scroll down!). This one is also amazingly holographic!
I used 1 easy coat over the black (and white) base, with topcoat.


Ohh, this one is also soooo pretty and interesting! It has a clear base, and it contains blue holographic glitters and tiny green to teal to purple duochrome flakies. You can see the color shift in the second picture really clearly!
I used 1 coat over black and white, and I also sponged on for full opacity + topcoat.


Adventures has a clear base, and it has holographic glitters, holo shimmer (a lot of them :D) and smaller green flakies (which shifts to purple too, but the green side is more visible and determinative). This one is also really holographic. I used 1 coat over black and white, and also sponged one + topcoat.


Midnight In Paris is slightly similar in the bottle as Adventures, but it looks totally different on the nails! It has a clear base, it has holographic glitters and holo shimmer (not as much as in Adventures), and it also contains big multicolor flakies.
I used 1 coat over black and white, and sponged on.

I guess you're pretty overwhelmed by now :D, but I also made a video about the collection, with a couple of close-ups and brush porns too, so you can see the "consistency" even better. It's nothing fancy simplynailogical stuff, and it's a little bit shaky too, but I thought it might will help to decide. So if you want more, go watch my video, and watch it in HD! :)

Oh, and also check out Edina's swatches about this collection!

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this collection, and I'm a bit sad, that it's limited edition, because this might be my fave collection from F.U.N. Lacquer so far! I also send a big hug for YuinYing for sending me these beauties for review, it was such a honor! :)
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  1. OMG. These polishes are all breath taking beautiful!

  2. OMG!!! They are sooo pretty! I gotta check on these nail polishes. Its a must try!