Friday, March 06, 2015

WNAC 2015 | Holo Blobbicure

I joined to the WNAC again. This moth's main theme is holo, and there are different subthemes every week. Today we had to make a blobbicure. This technique is out there a couple of months now, but sadly I don't know who is the original mind behind it. Anyways, whoever it is, thank you! :)
This is my first try to make a blobbicure, and I wanted to make sure, so I did it on a plastic foil first. This way I made a couple of stickers, and then I sticked them on my nails. It's really easy to make blobbicure btw. Paint 1 coat of your base color, and right after you painted, grab your other color, and quickly drop a couple of drops of nail polish in the surface of your first nail polish. The drops will start to spread and they will make this interesting pattern.

My base color was Mod Lacquer Zero Point, which is a linear silver holo, and I made the blobs with Zoya Dream. But I couldn't stop here, it was too plain for me, so I wanted to decorate it with something, without making the decoration too dominant, so I painted on little triangles with a blue linear holo nail polish (brand: Moyra). You can see the final look if you scroll down a little bit. I absolutely love it! :)


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