Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Unicorn Decoration Charms from Born Pretty Store

I have a cute unicorn decoration to show you from Born Pretty Store. I was really curious about these thin, flat metal decorations, how they work, how much they're bendable. You can choose from a lot of patterns, there are cute snowflakes too! #waitingforchristmas
You get 30 pcs in a tiny plastic bag (the tiniest you've ever seen :D). They are really flat and flexible (you have to be careful with them, they can bend easily, so grab them with a tweezer), if you push them against your bare nails, the unicorn will take your nail form, so when you actually put it in the drying nail polish it will not stick out. The topcoat will not resolve the gold paint in the unicorns, so that's a really good thing! The front side of the unicorns is gold, and the back side is bronze. I wish there were the same color, so you could use 2 unicorns side by side, facing each other or against each other, but this way you can use them only facing in the same direction.
I also wish that they would be a bit bigger, but that's ok, you can still recognise the unicorns, and the cut is really clean, there are no cutting mistakes or amputated unicorns :D

In general, I'm perfectly satistied with this product, if you like it too, you can by it HERE!
Use the CSBQ10 code to get 10% off!

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  1. Love your mani! I haven't seen those on BPS. I definitely have to buy them, they're so cute!