Thursday, December 04, 2014

SWATCH | A-England: Virgin Queen

From the new A-England collection Elizabeth & Mary, I liked Virgin Queen the best (altough Crown of Thistles is gorgeous too). I was really curious about it, because I've seen both silvery and both bronzy photos about it, and I was really excited that how it's gonna look like on my nails.
I have to say, it's really hard to name the color, it's in between silver and bronze, but I think it have more bronze in it than silver, and the silver is a darker kind of silver. It also have tiny gold flecks in it. Virgin Queen have a holographic finish, it is truly amazing in direct light!

Althoug I love the holographic effect, when there is no direct light (well, it's winter, so most of the times these is absolutely NO direct light) the nail polish looks a little bit flat on the nails. It have no shine (so I suggest using topcoat), the color is a greyish-bronzy something, so I'm not that amused by that. Well, the little gold flakes gave some dimension to it, and if I use a clear topcoat it will be ok. I think it's a much better choice for summer though, but I will still using it during winter for detailing and stamping, because I'm not hating the color, but I prefer not to use it on 10 nails again, unless I'm going to a night event or something where are pretty lights and the nail polish can shine :)

Most of the photos were taken with flash, so you can see the amazing holo effect, but I took some pics in natural light too (you know, in this grey, cloudy winter world also named: graveyard for holo nail polishes...:/ ), so you can see what I mean under "flat".

Oh, and btw in these photos you can see the nail polish without topcoat!

In the bottle you can see the gold flakes.

This photo was taken without direct light.

This photo was taken without direct light. You can kind of see the tiny gold flakes. They are defenitely visible in natural light!

This photo was taken with a tiny bit of light...still a bit flat though.


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