Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Live.Love.Polish | The Scarab collection

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                PR sample + affiliate link

Live.Love.Polish is spoiling us with all of these new releases, their latest launch offers six multichrome nail polishes.

 The main colors are icy blue, turquoise, teal and purple, but you can see some pink and red in certain light/angle.
3 thin coats without a black base. 

The main colors are green, teal and purple, but you can see some pink and blue as well.
2-3 coats without a black base. 

The main colors are pink, rosy bronze and green, but you can see some yellow/gold and purply tones in it at an angle.
2 coats without a black base. 

The main colors are bronze and rusty red, but you can notice yellow/gold, orange and green too.
2 coats without a black base. 

The main colors are blurple/indigo, purple, pink and red, but you can see orange and gold at an angle.
3thin coats without a black base. 

The main colors are teal and purple, but you can notice blue and pink in it too.
3 thin coats without a black base. 

You can see them in a row below for comparison reasons. Sahara, Red Sea and Obelisk are quite different, but Scarab, Oasis and Sphinx are similar in color combinations at first glance, but here are some further description: Scarab has a lot more purple toned blue, while the blue in Oasis is really icy/cold toned. Oasis doesn't shift into a rich orangey-red (like Scarab do), it stops at a reddish pink. Sphinx has a little bit more colder toned green in real life, and it doesn't shift red at all, only purple and a little bit of pink.

 One thing I also noticed, that Sahara and Red Sea has a lot better pigmentation than the rest of the colors, those two cover in 2 easy coats, while the others need 3 thin coats.

They are all available right now at Live.Love.Polish. They have a special offer right now: a free cuticle oil with all orders, and you can get 10% off of nail care items with code NAILCARE10 (valid through Jan.12th, or while supplies last).


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