Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Live.Love.Polish | Nail care + giveaway

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

 Live.Love.Polish launched their own nail care line with lots of useful items, and that's what I'm going to show you today.

There's not too much to explain on these two items, both the nail clippers and the cuticle nipper (stainless steel) are quality, durable items, they are sharp and I believe they will last for a really long time.

The glass cuticle pusher is a really useful product, it is dual ended, and I love it! Again, such a quality item!

Live.Love.Polish now has its own liquid latex barrier. It barely has a scent, contains 7,5ml (0.25 fl oz), and it has a nice brush that makes appliaction super easy. It has a pale pink color, but it dries transparent, super quickly. You can read the ingredient list in the box.

5 pcs dotting tool set. Again, there's not too much to explain. There's 6 different sizes of heads, you can create all kinds of dotticures with these.

I made a nail art using some of these products.
I started with 1 coat of Chenille (from The Bold collection), then I applied the liquid latex around my cuticles.

For the gradient I used Chenille, Brownstone and Cold Brew. Such a lovely trio!

If you apply the liquid latex correctly (it has to reach the nail itself, don't be afraid to put it INTO the cuticle lines, because this way the nail polish can't flood the cuticles at all), you barely have to use the clean up brush. There's a new clean up brush (pictured above), it has a flat, rounded brush that can provide a precise clean up.

For the dots I used the biggest, the smallest and a medium sized head, and I used Velour (The Bold collection). I love this mauvy-brown color palette with that metallic green so much!

My absolute favorites are these cuticle oils. There is 4ml (.14 fl oz) in the roll-on bottle, it's a tiny little bottle, can fit into your pocket. You can see the ingredient list pictured above, it's not too bad, but there's a lot of parfume and fragrance in it, so if you're sensitive, you should be careful with it.
There are two scents available: Vanilla Bergamot and Green Tea Cucumber, and both are really pleasant. 

The quality of these products are really great, that's why the pricepoint a little bit up there.
You can find everything under the nail care section, HERE.

Now you can win most of these products, and even more, thanks to Live.Love.Polish.
This is what you can win:
- Live.Love.Polish linear holo nail polish collection (6 colors)
- 1 pcs nail clipper
- 1pcs cuticle nipper
- 1pcs glass cuticle pusher
- 1pcs clean up brush
- 1 set of dotting tools
- 1pcs mirror
- 1pcs holographic backpack
- 2 pcs cuticle oil (in the scents of Vanilla Bergamot and Green Tea Cucumber)

This giveaway is open internationally, but you have to be 18 years old or above. You can enter through the Rafflecopter widget below. All three entries are mandatory.

If you have any kinds of questions, feel free to write me a comment or email.
Good luck everybody!


  1. I love the nail art you did, the metallic over that creme gradient looks gorgeous!

  2. These are great products. Thank you for this awesome opportunity to win them. <3

    Love, Lotte

  3. Kayla Johnston (majesticnailwolf)1/5/18, 10:52 PM

    Wow, such a beautiful nail art, done on such a beautiful way. I love it so much!!! Your nail art is truley amazing... Seriously I'm literally drooling. Thanks for the giveaway entry. Love ya, keep up the amazing work!!!@majesticnailwolf

  4. Hello, when do we have results of the giveaway? Thanks un avance!

    1. Hi, the winner was selected randomly by the rafflecopter widget and I already contacted her, you can see her name on the rafflecopter widget.

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