Monday, August 21, 2017

ILNP | Real Magic toppers

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

Today I have swatches of the surprise topper collection by ILNP. They are irredescent shimmer flakies in clear base. I had some real fun with them, I tried them out layered with other polishes, and I hope I can show you how amazing and diverse these polishes can be. 
The formulation is awesome, you can easily control the amount of flakies on the brush. The polish covers evenly. For a simple topper effect you will only need 1 easy coat.

First, I want to show simple swatches over black base. I used 1 coat of each.

 Unlike the others, Abyss looks mostly the same in all light conditions: it's blue.

 It's the most green of the 8. It also shifts to gold and orange tones. 

 The name couldn't be more perfect. This polish contains different colored flakies, creating a colorful effect. 

 It's purple and cold green. 

The main colours are purple and pink, but it also shifts to blue and red.  

The main color is cold toned green, but it shifts to purple and pink.  

 It's a pink toned red main color, with an orange-gold shift. 

Warm toned red to orange to gold to green. 

Here you can see them side by side, they are quite different.

And now I will show you my favourite combinations on nail wheel and I also swatched most of them on my nails as well. I used them as a topper over colorful bases (base color + topper), and I also did some layering with jellies and jelly holo flakies (which ILNP has a vide variety of). My absolute favourite is Cityscape and Manor House layered with these toppers.
I also tried them with multichrome flakie toppers, my favourite is the one I did with Open Fields. 

I think these toppers are really cool, and you should definitely grab a few of them. They can transform your old, boring polishes into a new and fun colour!

These are my favourites: Abyss, Limitless, Head Start, Moonstone, Scarlet.

You can buy these polishes at or at their stockists.


  1. So many possibilities! I'm curious how would 2 or 3 toppers look like over each other (on a black base) :)