Wednesday, August 30, 2017

ILNP | Fall 2017

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

 ILNP is coming out with 2 collections for this Fall, one that has linear holos and one with various finishes, plus there's 2 additional colours to the Real Magic topper collection, so there are 15 polishes in total.

It's a slightly dusty medium purple base with olive-gold shimmer flakes, holo dust and holo flakes.
It covers in 2 coats. 

It's a grape jelly base with holo flakes and lots of pink-red-gold shimmer flakes.
It covers in 3 coats because of the jelly base. 

It's a really dark, blackened blue (or blue toned dark grey) base with holo flakes, tiny silver flakes and I swear I can see some twinkling blue shimmer flakies, although the official description doesn't say anything about blue flakies (must be the blue base reflecting on the silver flakes, but still, it's a really pretty effect).
It covers in 2 coats. 

It's a dusty rosy-mauve-peach kinda color with gold shimmer flakies, holo flakies and linear holo.
It covers in 2 coats. 

 It's a black jelly base with green-gold-red-pink shimmer flakies.
It requires 3 coats because of the jelly base.

It's a really dark, deep purple jelly with holo flakies, and I can see some gold something in it as well.
It covers in 2-3 coats depending on application. 

It has 2 kinds of shimmer flakies: purple-pink shifting and red-gold shifting, so the overall picture is a purple-pink, but with a really warm tone, a lot warmer than Moonstone. 

This colour combination was well missed (by me) from the Real Magic toppers, because we have the blue(indigo) Abyss and the green Renegade, but we didn't had a blue-green-teal one, but now we have, because Raven is just like that.
I show it (and Free Spirit as well) in one easy coat over a black creme polish.

The Fall collections will be available for preorder from September 1st on or at most of their stockist, just like Nailland (who offer preorder from Sepember 1st-6th with 10% discount).

You can read my post about the Fall 2017 Ultra Holos HERE.


  1. Hi!

    Beautiful swatches, as usual! I ended up ordering all of the first six polishes of this post!

    ILNP never ceases to amaze me with their creations!

  2. Great swatches! I like this collection best, especially Ava!