Sunday, March 26, 2017

Masura swatches

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

I have another bunch of Masura polishes to show you today, and as usual, I didn't had a single complaint. These polishes are seriously good!

It's a dark raspberry/berry shade with holo flakes and holo dust.
Depending on your application you will need 2-3 coats.

It's an ivory base (no, it's not a grey trying to be a white, it has a warm/beige undertone) with gold shimmer and the tiniest of holo glitters. Love it so much!
I used 1 normal and 1 thick coat here, and a generous coat of topcoat.

The "recipe" is the same as Swan Lake, but Amsterdam is a lot lighter, brighter, summery and ocean looking than Swan Lake. It has a jelly base with lots of silver holo microglitters, but it's opaque in 2 normal coats. It dries just a little bit textured, a generous coat of topcoat is required.

It's a clear base with tiny to huge silver flakies (my pictures can be a little misleading, it's truly a silver, but being a silver it behaves as a mirror, and it reflects the colors that's nearby, so on some of my pictures it looks a bit golden.
You can use this as a topper, or you can build it up on it's own (3 coats or sponge it on). On my first 3 pictures you can see it in 3 coats, and the last macro shows it applied over Tender Snow Leopard in 1 coat.

It's a pastel orchid, this is what my Spring looks like. For years I was obsessed with mint for Spring, but now all I want to paint on my nails are these really cold orchid pinks or lavender purples :) It's not a true creme polish, it has a slight silver shimmer sheen, but it's not really significant on the nails. I used it multiple times already. Sometimes I apply 2 thicker coats, sometimes 3 thinner ones, but I would consider it as a good formula being such a light shade. 

You can't really go wrong with this brand. Their color and finish selection is huge, not to mention their magnetic polishes.

You can buy Masura polishes from THESE international stores.


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