Saturday, January 28, 2017

NCLA | nail art + swatches

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                PR sample

 Today's blog post will be a little bit different, because I will show you nail arts along with the swatches. NCLA contacted me to try out some of their products, and their main request was to create nail art with their polishes. Of course I couldn't just not swatch them as well, so in this blog post you will have everything: nail art and swatches.
I got to choose the colors, but then they doubled up with more shades, so let me tell you it was a huge goodie bag, which I want to thank NCLA again, they were so generous! Because of the big value of the products I decided to make at least 2 more blog posts just like this. In today's post I tried to make nail arts that can be built in the Winter season a little bit better, but later I will create Spring and then Summer inspired looks with the polishes.

First, here's a leopard print - half moon pattern. I used Volume I from the Nudes collection as my base. Volume I is a strongly peach toned nude shade, in fact we can call it straight up pastel peach. Peach shades are not the best match for my skintone, but with a pattern it can balence out the weird tones. The first coat went on surprisingly easily and even, but in the end I needed 3 coats to build up the color, but it's totally normal with a pastel color like this.

For the leopard print I used Printed My Own Hall Pass and Volume VI, and then I used Drop Of Teal to create the holographic half moons.

Plaid manis are a Winter staple for me, so I definitely wanted to create one. I could've chosen from many color options, but I decided to use browns and green. As my base I painted on Printed My Own Hall Pass which is best described as a tan/dark beige/sand color. It's a bit too dark for me to call it a true nude, but I can see that it can be the perfect nude for deeper skintones. It had a much more pigmented formula, I used 2 easy coats.

For the plaid pattern I used These Grades Are Just A Jumping Off Point (which became my favorite dark green polish) and The World Orbits Around Me, which is a really unique red based medium brown polish with a stunning holographic effect. It needs 2-3 coats depending on the application.

I had this nail art idea in my mind for a while, which is a dark woodgrain pattern with a pastel "cut". And I finally created it! I used Pink Lemonade as my pastel pink, and I painted on the woodgrain pattern with Model Behaviour (dark purple toned brown) and Printed My Own Hall Pass. You know that I don't really like pinks, but if it's in a badass nail art like this, I'm totally diggin it :) Actually, it's my favorite design from today's post.

And lastly the most minimalistic design that I'm sure have it's own name, but I was too lazy to look up :D So, I really like baby blue with a dark purply-mahagony color, and Model Behaviour was the closest match to that. I used Crush On The Lifeguard as my base, which is a pastel blue shade, it builded up in 3 coats. I then freehanded the pattern.

I hope you liked this new blog post type, I really liked creating it, even though it was a lot more work than my regular swatch posts. I already can't wait to grab the other NCLA shades and create some Spring and then Summer inspired patterns.

NCLA polishes are available from the official website, but they can be purchased from stockists too. I couldn't find a full list, but here are some stockist that I could quickly find for you:
Nailmail, Harlow &Co., Pshiiit Boutique, Color4Nails, Mei Mei's Signatures

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