Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bundle Monster | Valentine's Day bundles

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Valentine's Day is coming soon, so Bundle Monster came out with two kinds of stamping bundles that includes stamping polishes, stamping plates and nail vinyl. The first set - which is sadly sold out by now - is for the sweet and innocent ones, and the other one is for the sexy badgirls out there :)
You can get a really good deal when you buy the bundle, because it has 2 stamping polishes, 3 stamping plates and 5 sheets of holographic nail vinyl, plus a cute tote bag to put everything in. The products are of course available individually as well, and you can find everything under the "LOVE SHOP" in the main menu.

Since the bundle has stamping polishes, they are not available for international customers, which sucks I know, but at least you can get the stamping plates and the nail vinyl separately.

Here is what I created with the "Sweet Valentine's Day Set" that is sadly sold out now. I listed all the products I used under the pictures (they are all Bundle Monster products!).

gel polish: Gently Tranquility
 stamping polishes: Angelic White, Kandi Spirit and Monarch Dream
 stamping plate: BM-XL355

 stamping polishes: Angelic White, Kandi Spirit and Monarch Dream
stamping plate: BM-XL12
Matte Finish topcoat

 stamping polishes: Angelic White, Kandi Spirit and Monarch Dream
nail vinyl: Cupid's Hunt, Happy Beats

And here comes 3 manicures that I created with the "Sexy Valentine's Day Set", which is still available HERE. Oh and let me tell you, the upcoming lace nail art is my absolute favorit from this whole post <3

gel polish: Peaceful Harmony
 stamping polishes: Straight Up Black, Red Hot
 stamping plate: BM-XL302

 stamping polishes: Straight Up Black, Red Hot (sponged on gradient)
 stamping plate: BM-XL301
Matte Finish topcoat

stamping polishes: Freedom Ring (basecolor), Straight Up Black, Red Hot
nail vinyl: Heart Grid, Happy Beats

Actually I was using nail vinyl for the first time ever, so I was kinda nervous :D I used the vinyl on my nails, and while they were really sticky, my nails are just way too curved (horizontally AND vertically), so it was a little bit hard to lay down the vinyl without wrinkle it up. Next time I will definitely try to use them over a silicone mat, making a "sticker" instead.

As usual, I had no problems with the plates, and the polishes are also nice, although my Red Hot wasn't pigmented enough to stamp over black - you can kinda see it over black, but it's not as rich red as in the bottle.

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