Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Potion Polish | Christmas 2016

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                             PR sample

 The upcoming Potion Polish collection is a huge HIT for me, I'm in love with the colors/finishes and the quality is just spotless, so go and get them :D

Oh my, this one is so much prettier in real life! The oh-so-ugly picture above can show you the gorgeous shift that this polish can make. It has a slightly duochrome base that elegantly shifts from orange to cherry and purple. It's not an "in your face" kind of shift, but it's definitely there! It has holo flakies.
I used 2 coats + topcoat. 

This one is another favorite, such a rich, deep green holographic with multichrome flakies! Christmas tree on your nails!
The formula is really good, opaque in 2 easy coats, but it's slightly on the thicker side (totally manageable though!).

It's a soft salmon-rosegold base with holo flakes and gold shimmer flecks that are glowing like nothing else!
2-3 coats + topcoat. 

It's a light blue soft holo base with silver and light-gold flakies. So wintery!
I used 2 normal coats.

It's a light beige-nude soft holo with a small amount of holo flakes.
2 normal-thick coats or 3 thin one. 

Another stunner! It's a deep berry linear holographic base with cherry/pink holo microglitters.
I used 2 normal coats + topcoat. 

Not mocha, but a tree crust <3 It's a dark brown base with bronze-gold flakes. In some light it has an antique gold-green shine to it.
I used 2 coats.

Well, Santa might, but I don't :D You know I'm not big on girly shades, but I must say if I have to choose a pink, it would be something like this. It has a mauve/purple undertone, soft holo and lots of gold shimmer flakes.
 It covers in 2-3 coats.

This collection will launch on December 2nd 1PM EDT on!
I don't think that they have a stockist yet, but luckily Potion Polish ships internationally, so we're saved :)

And to wrap up today's post, here's a little freehand nail art over Morning Mocha!

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  1. Your manis are honestly amazing, every design is beautiful. These polishes are stunning and I love love Love Christmas Cheer! It's beautiful!
    Vicky xx