Thursday, November 24, 2016

Cirque Colors | Holiday 2016

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

 Let's continue with another Holiday collection that I'm sure I don't have to introduce. The Cirque Colors Holiday 2016 release have 4 shades, 3 of them are brand new, and the fourth is Halcyon (welcome back!). This collection is out in the market for a couple of weeks now, but let's hear my thoughts about them!

It's a highly reflective, foil effect babyblue nail polish consisting teeny-tiny silver flakies only, in a sheer blue base. It's your perfect icy blue for Winter!
It covers in 2 coats. 

It's a deep burgundy linear holo with a little bit of silver (?) shimmer flakes, which appear pink. I can see a little bit of purple tone in it, but maybe it's because of the holo flame.
I used 2 easy coats + topcoat. 

It's a gorgeous shade, but I just can't imagine it during Winter, but it's going to be a favorit in Spring. It's a sheer mint jelly base with silver holo flakies and pink to purple shimmer flakes, which are a lot more prominent in real life.
It's a jellier formula, so I needed 3 coats, but I believe on shorter nails it can be good in just 2 coats.

And Halcyon is back! If you missed out on it last year, now's your chance, but don't think too long, because it's limited edition again!
It's a sheer rosegold base (more on the peach side than pink) with tiny silver flakies.
I used 2 easy coats + topcoat.

I did a super easy nail art with Ambrosia and Idyllic, and wore it for 3 entire days *-* Btw. I have a new favorit color combo: burgundy + babyblue <3

This collection is already available on and at the stockists.
Excluding Ambrosia, all the other colors are limited edition!


  1. Does ambrosia lean kind of brown? In your swatches it looks quite burgundy red but the nail art ones look a little brownish?

    1. Hi sorry for the late answer. No, it doesn't. It's a deep burgundy. Actually on the nail art pictures I see it a little bit purple toned (because of the holo). Now this is why I hate that everyone has different screen settings :D