Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Tropical glitter placement

MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                                       This post contains PR sample.

I never get bored of tropical. However, to jazz up the things a little, I figured instead of freehanding the leaves I will use glitters.

 Sadly I only had 2 kinds of green loose glitters, so it maybe wasn't the best idea to pair a metallic and matte version, but in the end it worked out all right. I didn't had the patience to cut some of the glitters in half, so I couldn't taper down the edges nicely, but from a normal distance it wasn't too noticeable.
First, I used Barry M Coconut as a base, then I painted on some blobs with Avon Sheer Citrus and Golden Rose Rich Color #50. Then I handpainted the leaves with green acrylic paint, and stuck the glitters on top of it. Finally I outlined it with black acrylic paint.

I like how it turned out, with all it's imperfection, and I totally will do another glitter placement tropical nail art soon (well, I should buy some green loose glitters first :D)


  1. These look amazing. I like that you didn't cut the glitters up, The spaces behind them give it an extra dimensionality that you don't normally see in nail art.