Saturday, July 02, 2016

Spell Polish swatch/review

MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                                      PR sample

I got to choose a couple of shades from Spell Polish to review. I was really excited, because I've never tried the brand, but I had a couple of shades on my whislist already.

This was one of the shades that was on my whishlist ever since it came out, and it looks even better than I imagined. It's a stunning multichrome polish, shifting from golden-orange to red and pink, and it has an amazing formula! It doesn't require a black base, I just used 2 easy coats on it's own, and it doesn't get streaky. The downside that it does staines your nails to pink, but honestly who cares :D It looks so gorgeous that it worth all the stains in the World!

It's a holo base with copper mikroflake shimmer. In the shade it has a stunning coppery glow, and in the sun it has a coppery holo effect, love it! It's more on the sheer side, so I used 3 thicker coats, but I bet it would look good over darker (blues, greens, black) bases as a topcoat too. 

It's a plum purple jelly bas with multicolor UCC flakies and tiny irredescent shimmer flakies. The jelly base let the multicolor flakies shine through, it looks amazing!
I used 3 coats. 

It's a warm, medium toned brown base with gold microflakes. It dries matte. I think it looks awesome in it's matte form, but of course I will show you the glossy version too :)
 It has an amazing formula, I used 3 thin, easy coats.

It's a metallic base with a slight multichrome effect that shifts through a brown-mauve-pink color scheme. It has a small amount (a lot less than Glittering Owl has) of multicolor UCC flakies in it. The metallic base covers the flakes a little bit, bit they still shine through nicely.
It has a nice formula, I used 2 easy coats, it doesn't get streaky. 

I like all 5 shades, but my absolute favorites are Gumshoe and Glittering Owl :)

You can purchase Spell Polishes through their website (they ship internationally), or they have a couple of stockists too.

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