Tuesday, June 06, 2017

NCLA | Summer

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                PR sample

There's only 2 polishes left from my NCLA PR package that I haven't swatched yet, so let's see them, with nail art of course :)

It's a really pale seafoam polish with pearl finish and tiny silver metallic dust. Pearl finish means streaks, and this polish isn't an exception. It covered in 3 coats on me.

Inspired by the polish, I created a seashell manicure, using huge and smaller 3D pearls and I also handpainted some shell design with acrylic paint.

I had a hard time capturing this color. It's a bit rosier, warmer in person.
I applied it in 3 thin coats. 

I've found a cute killer whale "pattern" on Instagram (HERE) and I decided to paint it over Endless Summer. This design became a huge favorite of mine, whales are so cute ^^ I used black and white acrylic paint.

And lastly, I painted this minimalistic tropical manicure, which I don't really like :D I'm so not used to paint with real nail polish anymore, so it's far, far away from perfect, but the overall vibe is quite nice, so I thought I show you :)
For this manicure, I used Pink Lemonade in negative space style, then I painted on the palm leaves with Avocado Bravado, Fairykale Ending and These Grades Are Just A Jumping Off Point.

NCLA polishes are available from the official website, but they can be purchased from stockists too. I couldn't find a full list, but here are some stockist that I could quickly find for you:

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