Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Galaxy stickers

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

I haven't done a galaxy nail art in a while, that's why I choosed this galaxy inspired sheet of nail stickers from Born Pretty Store to review.
 I really like the patterns on the sheet, I would wear them to the last bit, and that's a rare thing. I thought out a "negative space" (hah :D) design using the chain from the sheet. As my base I sponged on a really simple and minimal galaxy base.

These stickers are actually nicely sticky, they can stay on the nails for a couple of days without lifting (I'm always struggling with stickers because of my curved nails). The tiny stars are a little bit hard to pick up, but with a pair of tweezers it shouldn't be a problem. The gold coating didn't got ruined/dissolved when I applied my Seche Vite topcoat.

You can find this sticker sheet HERE, I think they are a pretty good choice if you like galaxy designs.

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