Saturday, January 09, 2016


MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                                       PR Sample

 Geometric nail art for today. Because I haven't done anything like this in a while.
The pattern itself is not my idea, I saw a really awesome nail art on Instagram (THIS) a couple of weeks ago, and I simply copied 2 patterns. I really like the original version with negative space, but I wanted to bring in some colour too, so I used Golden Rose Rich Color 31. I started off with a white base, then I painted on everything with a detailing brush and black acrylic paint, colored it in with the berry polish, used a topcoat, sticked the studes in the wet topcoat and then I mattified the whole thing (simply becasue my new Essie Matte About You topcoat arrived that day and I wanted to try it out badly :D).

I'm in love with these tiny gold studs. I wanted these for a really long time, but I could never find them in anywhere. Finally Born Pretty Store started to sell them, so I knew I want them in my review package. I choosed the 0,8mm gold stud, but there's also a 1mm in gold, and of course there's a silver version of both sizes.
There are 100pcs in a packet, and they have a yellow undertone. I had no issue when I used my topcoat, the gold paint stayed on it's place. I already ordered both from the gold and the silver, it's on sale right now!

You can buy these tiny studs HERE, use my 10% off code: CSBQ10. Don't forget to check out the nail art section for more awesome nail things!
Shipping is free!


  1. I love the placement of the studs! It really complements the design. :)

  2. Love the tiny studs and the combination of the abstract and ikat designs -- it looks fantastic matted!

  3. Really nice mani. Such good details with the small studs! :-D