Tuesday, September 15, 2015

KBShimmer | That's Ore Like It!, Pros and Bronze

I bought these two KBShimmer flakies from Harlow&Co. a couple of months ago. and now let's see how they look on my nails! I heard only good things about the KBS flakies and their amazing coverage, but I was a little bit sceptical. Well I shouldn't be. These are truly amazing, both of them is a 2 coater!

That's Ore Like It!
It's a silver flakie with smaller and bigger flakies in it. This is only 1 coat over black...imagine the second coat = full coverage!! Btw. the bronze flakie looks like the same way in 1 coat, so it might a bit too much for a topcoat, but if you want your flakies to be full coverage, than KBS flakies are the best choice for that! I made a live swatch video too, you can watch that HERE!

Pros and Bronze
It's a really nice rich gold/bronze shade, but it also shift to green and orange/copper. I used 2 coats for the swatches, amazing! The bottle is filled with flakies! I also made a live swatch video, you can watch it HERE.

I'm really impressed with these nail polishes, and I definitely will buy more colors. I wear my multichrome flakies in full coverage, and these are perfect for that, and it's even cheaper than an ILNP flakie (which is only 12ml, and the KBS ones are 15ml). Although the ILNP ones are better for topcoat purposes.


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