Monday, September 07, 2015

31DC2015 | Gree, Blue, Violet, Black&White

Here is the second pile of nail arts. Today I will show you the green, blue, violet and black&white manis that I made for 31DC2015. Again, all of them is handpainted with acrylic paint.

Day4: Green
This nail art was inspired by a gorgeous crystal named dioptase. The inner part is actually textured with a white textured polish with sparkles.

Day 5: Blue
I'm kind of proud of this nail art, it's probably my fave ever! I used a light blue nail polish from Catrice, but it's all covered up with 2 kinds of blue, black and white acrylic paint. I used THIS pic as an inspiration. 

Day 6: Violet
I love amethyst jewels and I also like painting them. This wasn't the first time (previous amethyst nail art HERE)  that I painted this kind of crystal in my nails, but this time I included some gold foil and crushed shells too.

Day7: Black & White
Or blak & grey :D I was going to paint some details with white too, but I was afraid that I will mess the whole thing up. My base was Sally Hansen Ion, and 1 coat of FUN Queen.

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  1. All nail art are original an unique looking one! I love them all!