Saturday, February 21, 2015


Ultra chrome flakies are everywhere these days, but honestly, I don't mind it, because it's probably my favorite finish ever, because two fave finishes of mine (flakie and multichrome) are bond together in this amazing and interesting collection. Today I will show you Luna, which shifts from pink to purple to teal to turquoise. In the swatches I sponged on the nail polish for full opacity, but I also made swatches in a nail wheel where I used Luna as a topcoat over different colors.

It looks amazing sponged on, it's really shiny and mirror-like and of course we can enjoy the gorgeous color shifting. I used Mehron liquid latex for my cuticles so the sponging procedure will not be that messy. I've read before that it's really easy to remove, and I can totally confirm that. It's really interesting, the flakes are dissolving in the nail polish remover, so it's sooo easy to get rid of. It dosn't discolor your skin or your nails.
I also bought Cold Fusion, but Neon Rosebud, Open Fields and Electric Carnival are on my wishlist too.

Don't forget to check out the other swatches in the bottom of this post!

So, here comes the other swatches. I used Luna in 1 coat. If you are wondering which base colors was used, you can ask me in comment, as you can see I numbered them all.
I think it looks absolutely amazing on nude colors (2,3) but I also love it over greens and blues, especially mints (6). It's really pretty over 11 too which is a light purple. Number 12 is a blue holographic nail polish and I think it's a really interesting combo. I also like it over greys (13, 14). My absolute fave base is 16 which is Dance Legend Boo. Honestly I don't really like it over black or white. It's OK, but I would rather use it on it's own, or over interesting bases.


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