Thursday, February 19, 2015

NAIL ART | Last Days of Darkness

I'm really about to going onto the pastels and vibrant colors, but I try to stick with the dark colors in february because I feel I have so much unfinished business with them :D I have a lot of ideas with darkes shades, so I try to overcome my feelings about pretty pastels :D Anyways, today I have a gradient nail art with some studs and dots.
For the base I sponged on OPI Just A Little Rösti At This and Catrice Shopping Day At Bluemingdales wich is a pretty blurple. I haven't did a gradient for ages, and you can tell that clearly from the outcome. A have to practice a little bit :D Besides that, I really like these two colors together. I glued on a couple of triangle studs and I also added dots.


  1. There's something about this color combo that is just so REGAL! I love it so much! <3