Saturday, September 13, 2014

31 DC 2014 | Day13: Animal Print

My favorite animal print is snake/crocodile, so I started to search for nice croc prints. I've found a lot and I couldn't decide. Then this question came into my head: what if I make it 3D? And I did.

So, I used the Essence All Abroad peel-off basecoat (which is technically Elmer's glue) to create the little bumps. The bigger ones needed almost 2 hours to dry. After they dried, I sponged the base color, then I painted on the other details with a small brush. I also used a matte topcoat at the end. The manicure was really durable, I could do anything with it, it stayed on it's place. It was really hard to get rid of it, I had to file off the bumps.
I did my thumbs first, and I think that turned out the best. My other nails are a bit odd :D
The following picture shows how my nail looked like after I applied the glue:

I really like the outcome, it was soooo funny to touch my nails :D


  1. This looks amazing! You're very creative with nail art. :)

  2. This is so creative! Very well done ;)

  3. So creative to use glue to make the bumps! Love this! :)