Monday, July 29, 2019

Cirque Colors | Facets 2019

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

Cirque Colors brings 5 new shades to their Facets line, and I'm here to show you my swatches and tell my thoughts about them.

It's a juicy, yet burnt orange jelly base with holo flakes. Since last Summer, this kind of orange shades became one of my favorite colors, so it's not a secret that Citrine is my absolute favorite from the collection, even though it did stained my nails a tiny bit (I was wearing it for 6 days).
3 thin coats  + 2 coats of topcoat (because it contains those "curly flakes" too - well, all of them has tose in this collection)

It's a really dark, neutral toned purple base with holo flakes.
2 coats + 2 coats of topcoat

It's a bright, warm toned medium green jelly base with holo flakes.
3 thin coats + 2 coats of topcoat 

It's a raspberry pink jelly base with holo flakes.
3 thin coats + 2 coats of topcoat 

It's a clear base packed with holo flakes. It has a lot more flake than the rest, but of course they have to deliver the coverage, and they do, in 2 coats (+ 2 coats of topcoat) 

So, these have both smaller and bigger flakes in them, and some of those bigger flakes tend to curl up, which will result a grittier surface, you will have to use 2 coats of topcoat to even out the texture. These flakes were a bit hard to remove.

But I gotta say, they look pretty awesome on the nails, and I actually can't wait to wear Citrine again!

The collection is already available at the Cirque Colors website, and at their stockist.


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