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Femme Fatale | Enchanted Fables - Princes & Heroes

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

Here we are again, this is Femme Fatale's third collection for the Enchanted Fables theme. This time they were inspired by princes and heroes.
There are 21 shimmer (some of them are thermal) polishes in this mega collection, and one free extra polish, which is only available if you purchase the whole set (but then it's free).

This is one presale only (February 1-5), but it will be available through stockists too.

ALADDIN (thermal)
It's orange when it's cold, and it's clear when it's warm. It's packed with gold shimmer flakes.
2-3 coats.

It's a dark, dusty blue base with strong olive-antique gold shimmer.
3 coats.

DIMITRI (thermal)
It's a dark cocoa brown when it's cold, and it's a red toned orange when it's warm. It has green-pink-purple shimmer flakes.
3 thin coats.

It's a dusty, mauve-taupe base with green-turquoise shimmer shifting to icy blue or purple.
2-3 coats.

It's a slightly red toned medium caramel brown jelly base with green-gold-bronze-red and blue-purple-pink shimmer flakes.
3 coats.

It's a dusty, slightly burnt orange base with green to pink shimmer.
2-3 coats.

MILO (thermal)
It's an olive toned medium brown when it's cold, and it's a pistachio-olive kinda green when it's warm. With blue-purple-pink shimmer.
3 coats.

PETER PAN (thermal)
It's a dark-medium green when it's cold, and it's a light green when it's warm. It has a strong gold shimmer.
This one is the most pigmented from the collection, I used 2 coats.

It's a dusty, dark purple when it's cold and it turns into a light teal when it's warm. It has pink-purple shimmer flakes.
3 coats.

It's an ivory (yellow toned off-white) base with blue-purple shimmer.
3 coats, but it streaks a little bit.

It's a slightly warm toned light grey crelly base with pink-purple-blue shimmer flakes.
3 thin coats.

It's a dusty, dark purple base with blue shimmer flakes and red-pink-purple multichrome shimmer.
2 thicker or 3 thinner coats.

PRINCE HANS (thermal)
It's a tri-thermal, which means it has a dusty, slightly purple toned blue base when it's in room-temperature, it has a dark, dusty purple color when it's cold and it has a mauve-pink color when it's warm. It has gold-red shimmer.
Quite sheer, I recommend 3-4 coats.

It's a bright, teal toned blue base with strong emerald green shimmer.
3 coats.

It's a yellow/olive toned medium brown base with green-turquoise-icyblue-purple-pink shimmer.
3 coats.

It's a tomato red when it's cold and it's clear when it's warm. It has green-gold-orange-red shimmer flakes.
3 thin coats.

It's a sheer camel/caramel jelly base with green-gold-orange-red shimmer flakes.
3-4 coats.

It's a deep, dusty purple base with strong olive-antique gold-bronzy shimmer.
2-3 coats.

It's a swamp green base with violet shimmer.
3 coats.

It's a dark mauve-brown-grey base with icy blue-turquoise-purple-pink shimmer.
2 thicker or 3 thinner coats.

It's a really dark, blackened green base with green-gold-bronze-red-pink-purple multichrome shimmer.
3 coats.

KING MIDAS (magnetic)

This is the free extra polish of the collection. You can only get it by purchasing all 21 colors of the collection, but then it's free. My heart goes out to you, because this is such an amazing polish, and buying the whole collection to get it is so not fair, but it is what it is... :(

It's a dark, steel blue base with silver holo glitters and bronze magnetic shimmer.
This is Femme Fatale's best magnetic polish so far (I mean for the quality, but honestly for the colors too...), I only needed 2 coats. It's also gogeous without magnetizing it.

My favorites are: King Midas, Aladdin, Dimitri, Hercules, Prince Eric, Simba and Flynn.

So, this collection is limited edition, one presale only. Available on the FF website February 1-5th. It will be available at the stockists too, but if I'm not mistaken the free extra polish won't make it to the stockists :(

You can find the stockist list HERE.


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