Monday, September 10, 2018

piCture pOlish x glitterfingersss | wizardry

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

This whole journey started in the November of 2015, when Jules first contacted me offering a collaboration polish.
Of course I said yes right away, but I didn't quite thought this whole thing will take so long :D

I don't really wan't to say too much about the process, I guess at first we just couldn't find the harmony, each others style, but non of that matters now, because we now have Wizardry, and I couldn't be happier. And the extra happiness is that I had the chance to design and pre-draw the logo on the bottle - I always loved the illustrated PP bottles a lot more.

Wizardry is a petrol blue polish, which means it has a teeny-tiny teal undertone. It has small gold metallic glitters and holo flakies. The glitters can give it a little bit of metallic finish when the light hits it in a way, and of course those holo flakies glisten a lot prettier in real life.

It has a jelly base, so I would recommend 3 thin coats to build up the depth, but if you have small nails you might can get away with 2 normal coats. It doesn't dry too textured, but a good coat of topcoat is highly recommended.

I really like the whole magic/fantasy/mystery topic, and well, I believe this polish is perfect for that theme, so Jules and I decided on the name Wizardry.

I'm so excited to see this polish on you, I hope a lot of you will like it! Thank you so much for all the congratulations on Instagram, it warms up my heart to read that so many of you were waiting for this polish :) And of course a huge thank you goes to Jules, who stuck with me for 3 years and didn't let this project go 💓

You can purchase Wizardry through the official PP website, or at their stockists like Nailland.
You can find a giveaway on the PP Instagram, you can win the whole Fall collection!


  1. Congratulations! You made a beautiful shade! It's so magical! And the pictures you took ... amazing :)