Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Live.Love.Polish | The Dreamland collection

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample + affiliate link

 I have another Live.Love.Polish collection to share with you today, 3 glitter toppers. I used them over a black base. I used "about 1 coat" which means that I used them 1 times, but I had to dip the brush back twice to get the amount of glitter you can see on my pictures. Of course the bigger (and heavier) star, moon and circle glitters will require a little bit of fishing, that's just the law of physics, but the overall appliacation was quite all right.

It contains pink and violet/purple holo glitters in various shapes and sizes.

It contains light blue and silver holo glitters in various shapes and sizes.

It contains silver and pastel colored holo glitters in various shapes and sizes.

I'm not a huge glitter topper fan. I don't say I dislike them, because every time I swatch some I get really excited about them and I always ask myself why I don't actually wear them, but then I never end up grabbing them... Anyway, my absolute favorite from this three is Dreamcatcher.

They are available individually or as a set at Live.Love.Polish. If you buy the whole set, you can get 15% off with code DREAMLAND15 (for a limited time only).


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