Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Colors by Llarowe | Winter 2017

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                PR sample

 The Colors by Llarowe Winter 2017 collection is launching tomorrow and I'm here to show you my swatches. This collection is so stunning, the colors and the quality is just the best!

 I would call it a deep berry-orchid - with an inner glow. So stunning!
Great pigmentation, I used 2 easy coats. 

It's a deep (but quite bright) blue base (with the tiniest teal tone). It has a lime-emerald shimmer, but on the nails it's emerald most of the time (shows really lime in the bottle). It also has silver holo flakies, but the base color gives them a blue flash, sooooo gorgeous!
2 easy coats. 

This was the only one that I wasn't really crazy about. It's a sheer based topper, but lately I'm not really a fan of toppers, so I just wasn't really into it.
It's a sheer purple tint base with gold-red-pink shimmer, green-gold-red irredescent flakes and pale gold falkes.
For me, it doesn't reached full opacity with 4 coats. I find it a little bit too liquidy for my taste, the base couldn't really hold the flakes on the brush, so I had to use a thicker coat to reach the desired flakie coverage.
You can see it on it's own (4 coats) and as a topper (1 coat) over a black creme, Figgy Pudding, Topaz Fire and layered with a blue jelly.

It's a really dark blurple, or how I call it: midnight purple :) It has a velvety holo effect. You can see a pink shimmer sheen in the bottle, but it has such a great coverage, that the pink shimmer doesn't shows up on the nails.
It covers in 1-2 coats.

It's a really dark mossy green base with bronze/gold to red shimmer and holo flakes. STUNNING!
2 easy coats. 

It's a berry pink/purple and it's gorgeous! The holo flakes are flashing blue :O
2 coats. 

I was wearing the two green for 2-3 days, and they both discolored my nails a tiny bit - I haven't used basecoat! I think Plum Ready and Topaz Fire would might stain a little bit too, because they have such a high pigmentation, so make sure to use a good quality basecoat to prevent staining!

I really like this collection, but no surprise that my favorites are the two greens :)

Most of CbL stockists already have these colors right now, but they will launch for a preorder on the official site. Preorder starts on November 1st at 12PM MDT and it closes on November 8th at 12PM MST.

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  1. Is Figgy as juicy as it appears? And Plum...how does it compare to Who Needs Love? Parade....in other swatches it appears olive-y at times (I hate olive). Is it really more emerald and not at all olive-y?