Sunday, September 17, 2017

Potion Polish | Apothecary collection

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

Potion Polish became one of my very favourite brands, their colors are exciting and the formulation is always on point, so I highly recommend them. Their Fall collection is called Apothecary, and there's 5 shades in the collection. The September POTM launched the same day, so that's why you can see 6 polishes in the picture above.

It's a dark blue jelly base with silver holo microglitters and green-pink-purple-blue shifting shimmer. This is one of my favorites.
I used 3 thin coats, 1 coat of topcoat was enough to even out the surface. 

It's a taupe/grey/brown kinda base color with pink-red shimmer and green-gold-orange-red-pink-purple UCC flakes.
It covers in 2-3 coats. 

It's a brown sheer base with green-gold-orange-bronze-pink multichrome shimmer and gold holo microglitters. This one is my absolute favourite!
It covers in 2-3 coats, 1 thick coat of topcoat is enough to even out the surface. 

I compared Elixir of Good Fortune with Harvest Moon (from last years Fall collection), because I remembered HM had a similar concept. HM is a lot more brown/bronze, it has smaller gold holo particles and it has UCC flakies as well, so you definitely will need both of them :)

It's a teal toned green jelly base with silver holo microglitters and pink-purple shimmer flakes. It was really hard to photograph. In person, it's greener and the shimmer flakies are less cold.
I recommend 3 thin coats with a generous coat of topcoat.

It's a grape jelly base with pink-red shimmer flakies.
It covers in 2-3 coats. 

TRUTH TONIC - September POTM (limited edition!)

It's a dusty light blue base with gold holo microglitters, bronze/red flakes and gold shimmer flakes.
It covers in 2 easy coats, awesome formula! 1 coat of topcoat is enough to even out the surface.

I really like these colors, to me, it's the most exciting collection of this years Fall collections so far.

They are all available right now at  the Potion Polish website.


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