Friday, June 16, 2017

Cirque Colors | VICE 2017

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

Cirque Colors continues their VICE line with another bunch of bright/neon cremes, and of course the holographic topper We Trippy made a comeback too.

I never tried a polish from the Vice collections, but after I applied these, I can totally confirm, these are one of the best bright/neon formulas I've ever tried! All 6 cremes was opaque in 2 coats, WOW!

It's a bright, slightly purple toned indigo blue.

It's a linear holographic topper, containing finely milled holo dust, and some bigger holo particles. 1 coat is perfectly enough to give any polish a stunning holo effect. 

It's a bright, but not neon, orchid kinda pink (with cold undertone). One of the few pink tones that I'm willing to wear, especially with nail art ;)

It's a blinding neon orange.

It's a bright, but not neon turquoise/aqua/mint. In some lights, I'm 100% sure it's turquoise, but then in some lights I can see a ton of mint tones too. One thing is certain, it's a stunning shade!

It's a blinding neon red. I was so surprised how much I loved this color on me, and I think We Trippy looks the most fabolous on this!

It's a super neon lime/toxic green :D

I created 3 nail art with the polishes, all of them was handpainted to the last bit. The first one I was wearing for days, and I created it on both hands. My favorite is however the last one :)

The VICE 2017 collection will be available from June 21st on, but you can preorder now. Preorders start to ship on June 21st. 
You can read a little bit more of the collection on the Cique blog HERE, there's also a giveaway for the collection. 


  1. These swatches are stunning, you have made me want them all! Also love love love the nail art, especially the palm tree one. <3

  2. The little cacti you did are adorable!