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The Little Book Of Nail Art

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 In November the amazingly talented Maria, who's the creative mind behind Sonailicious blog created something much needed in the nail art community: a nail art sketchbook. Maria was awesome enough to send me two of the 3 nail shapes available, and now after weeks of testing I finally can write down my thoughts about it.
The Little Book Of Nail Art is a handbag friendly sketchbook that you can keep with yourself all the time, and use it whenever the inspiration hits you. There aren't other nail art sketchbooks out there, although you might tried to print out your own templates (just as I did), but let me tell you, compared to the DIY versions this is just much cooler and high quality!

It's available in 3 nail shapes: square, oval and stiletto. There are 620 single nail templates (124 pcs 5 finger templates) in the book, and there are colour palettes and extra space to write down notes. It's made out of thick, high quality paper, so the nail polish won't bleed out and it won't wrinkle up. It's a portable, A6 size that's sure can fit in any handbag. You can also find Maria's useful tips to a flawless nail art in it.

I choosed the square and oval nail shape. There are 5 nail templates in a row, and the nail sizes are a little bit smaller as you go towards the little finger. The biggest template is 1,8cm x 0,9cm, and the smallest is 1,4cm x 0,7cm.

This is what I love about the book:
- small size
- stunning overall look. This is nothing like my printed, wrinkly papers that I made before, I won't be ashamed to get this out of my handbag while I'm on the train or on the bus.
- thick paper - so easy to work on it.
- it fits more than a year of nail art. Usually I plan 2 nail art on 1 week, so that's 104 templates in a year, and I still have some more 5-finger templates left. And if you plan only accent nails than it will last even longer.

This is what I'm not loving 100%:
- The sizes of the templates are a little bit small for me. Of course there will be always someone who will find them to small or two big, but for me personally I like to sketch my ideas on a little bit larger area. I can still manage with these, and I probably just have to get used to it.
- I find the pre-drawn nail lines a little bit hard to work with, as I'm never doing french nails, so those lines are a little bit useless for me.

I sketched quite a lot of nail art in it, but I thought today I'm going to show you only winter inspired ones, since I'm so much in Christmas mood right now :)
I always wanted to do a Christmas light manicure, but instead of the 3D stud version I just painted it on. For the base I painted some pine branches, so it's pretty much looks like a Christmas tree :) 
It's all freehand with acrylic paint over a dark green base.

Of course I just had to grab our retro glass ornaments and pose with them :)

This snowglobe look is another one from my to-do-list. I saw these everywhere, and I wanted to try out so bad! First, I painted on the whole snowglobe, gradient sky and pine trees, then I built up the globe with clear gel polish. I layered it up in multiple layers, and between the layers I used a holo flakie topcoat to make it snowy :) 
Ah, it looked so much better and magical in real life though!

And another check from my list is the knitted pattern. I was planning multiple pattern in the sketchbook, and this way I could select the ones I liked the most.
I used a deep, dark blue polish with red shimmer (Avon Inky Blue) as my base and I handpainted the knitted pattern with acrylic paint.

I'm so thankful to Maria and her Little Book Of Nail Art, and I'm sure it will be a truly helpful tool in most of our lives. Yes, it's not the cheapest, but it's high quality, and if you're all about freehand nail art then you won't regret buying it!

They are available at Sonailicious Boutique! There's an option to buy the bundle of 3 (1 from each nail shapes) and that way you can save $10, so if you have some equally nail art crazy friends you might want to consider to team-order :)


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