Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pretty Serious Cosmetics | Serious Business collection

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I have another Pretty Serious Cosmetics collection to show you, this time it's the Serious Business collection. I simply LOVE the names of the polishes!
The formula of the 4 shimmers were excellent, but sadly I wasn't pleased with the other two.
Now let's see them one by one.

It would be my absolute favorite from the collection, if it wouldn't be so sheer. It has a dark brown jelly base and it has green to gold to orange to red shifting flakies and tiny gold shimmer flakies. I can see some blue flakies there too, but only in a really small amount.
It's a true Fall/Halloween shade.
I used 3 thick coats here, but I must say I was thinking about to paint a fourth one too.

It's a cold pink with purple-blue shimmer flakes. I'm absolutely not a red-pink wearer, but I quite liked this one on my nails :)
Perfect formula, I used 2 easy coats.

It's a pale pastel pink with purple-blue shimmer flakes.
Nice formula compared how pale this shade is, I needed 3 normal coats.

It's a darker red with gold shimmer flakes.
Excellent formula, I used 2 coats.

It's a dark muted blue-teal jelly base with green-blue-purple-magenta metallic glitters, shimmer flakes and small amount of blue metallic shards.
This one is also really exciting for me, but I'm sad to say that the formula on this was rather thick. PS glitter polishes tend to be thicker than usual, but this one was even more thick and gooey than anything I've ever seen (maybe I got an off bottle?). It was opaque in 2 coats though, but it dried textured, so at least 2 coats of topcoatios advised.

Medium green base with a warmer undertone, plus pretty gold to pink to purple to blue shimmer flakes.
Perfect formula, I used 2 coats.

You can purchase Pretty Serious Cosmetics shades on their official website (international shipping is available), or you can find a stockist, HERE is the list.

What do you think of this collection? Which is your favorite shade?

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