Monday, February 27, 2017

ILNP | Spring 2017 - Color Kissed Ultra Holos

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                PR sample

 One of my biggest nail blogger goals was to swatch for ILNP, and my dream came true, I'm so happy and thankful right now :) I tried my best with the swatches, although I must say these polishes are incredibly hard to photograph :D
ILNP created 2 collections for 2017 Spring, one of them introduces a new finish which is called Color Kissed Ultra Holos. I will show the other collection in a separate blog post.

These Color Kissed Ultra Holos are super holographic polishes with slightly shifting shimmer flakes. Imagine a Mega (X) with colors, because that's what these are. My pictures doesn't show the full holo effect, but if you have Mega (X), you know what I'm talking about.

I truly love this new line of polishes, I'm a big fan of ethereal, irredescent nail lacquers. 4 out of 6 shades has stronger colored shimmer flakes, you can see the difference really well with those, the other 2 is quite similar/harder to notice, but I will explain it better once we get into the swatches.

I applied 3 thin coats of each, but I think if you have small nails (with non to small visible nail lines) then you can get away with 2 normal-thick coats. They didn't dried too textured, 1 coat of topcoat is all you need.

The primary color of the shimmer flakes is pink, but depending on the light, you can see gold, peach or even slightly red tones too.

This one have peach-gold shimmer flakes in it.

The shimmer flakes are green in this one, but depending on the light they can be purple or pink too.

This one has mostly purple/lilac tones, but you can see pink or gold in certain lights.

Now Easy Street and Full Moon are the most similar to each other, but still you can see that Easy Street has an icy, almost teal toned blue shimmer, and Full Moon has a more indigo blue tone. They both shift to purple in certain light. Somehow the shimmer flakes in these two are not that saturated I think, compared to the other 4 in this collection.

Again, this one has indigo blue/deeper blue tone.

I'm going to insert the first picture again, so now you can see the colors compared to each other. From left to right: Rosewater, Spring Bouquet, Chit Chat, Easy Street, Sunday Brunch, Full Moon.

Both Spring collections will be availbale for pre-order on March 3rd at and stockist. To see my swatches of the other Spring collection, go to HERE.
My personal favorite is Rosewater (plus I love the name to death), but I really like Sunday Brunch, Spring Bouquet and Chit Chat too.

What do you think of this new finish?


  1. Oh wow these are so beautiful and your swatches are amazing. I think you did an incredible job of photographing these and I can imagine just how beautiful they are in real life.
    Vicky xx

  2. Lovely swatches! Excited to get to see these!

  3. I'm going to order both collections and the magician. I can't wait to layer these with their respective components and some pastel crème too! The layering possibilities are endless, love these!

  4. Nice swatches! Rose Water is my favourite here, too. :)

  5. Oh my goodness, these are so beautiful! They really do have a magical look to them!

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