Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cirque Colors | Speckled & Sparkled collection

MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                                       PR sample

 I have the whole new Spring collection from Cirque Colors to show you, it's called Speckled & Sparkled. As the name suggest, it has a Speckled part containing 4 pastel shades with flakes and the Sparkled part contains 6 sterling foil holos.
The collection will be available on from March 25th, but there is a pre-order going on on Nailland (with 5% discount), but hurry, because the pre-order ends today!
All the shades from this collection are limited edition, so don't think too much, grab them while you can!

They all have a wonderful fomula, I used 2 coats of each plus topcoat.

The Speckled polishes has a creamy pastel base packed with different sized and colored flakies. Super easy to apply all of them, the flakies spread nicely and evenly. 2 coats is more than enough, they have a really good pigmentation! Now let's see the colors one by one!

Hatch can be familiar for some of you, because it was released last year too, so if you missed it back then, now's your chance to get it. It has a creamy ligh-ligh grey, almost white base, and it has black (or gray?), silver and multicolor flakies. Sadly the colored flakies doesn't show up on the nails, the creamy base has too much pigment, so it covers the colors. 

Astra is a pastel pink with slight peach/beige undertones. It has black, silver and pink/purple UCC flakies. In this case the pink/purple flakies are actually more present, you can see them through the creamy base.

Acid Wash has a pastel blue base and it has black and blue flakies. Probably this is the most flakie-packed from the collection. Love it!

Mint Chip is a beautiful mint base with black and gold/green flakies, but again, on the nails you can only see the black flakies. Anyway, it's super gorgeus!

The Sparkled part of the collection contains 6 super sparkly, shiny polishes. The finish is called sterling foil holographic, so they have holo shimmer as well as silver microflakies. Basically they are like Halcyon or Reflektor (from the Holiday 2015 collection) but with a light holo effect. The holo is in a shimmer format, so it's not microflakies or glitters.

Cin Cin is has a champagne color, so it's in between gold and silver. It's not a warm, orange-y color, it has more like a colder tone to it.

Himalyan Pink is a rosegold polish. It's more pink than Halcyon, so in my opinion Himalayan Pink is much more true rosegold than Halcyon (which has a stronger orange/peach tone and also it's more saturated - see the comparison pic below).

Besos is a rich magenta. Not my color, but I'm sure that a lot of you will absolutely adore this shade!

Saint Cloud is a pretty lavender. I really like this one!

Oasis is a blue-teal, so it has more blue than green in it. Love this one too! This and Besos has the most pigmentation from the collection. Well, they all cover in 2 coats, but this 2 is almost perfect in just 1 coat.

Sencha is a seafoam green, minty color. Ahhh it's sooo gorgeous, one of my favorites from the collection!

I absolutely love this collection, both parts of it! The Speckled ones are soft and elegant, but the Sparkled ones are super sparkly-shiny, they're really out there.
As I said at the beginning of this post, they will launch on March 25th on, but they can be pre-ordered from Nailland today! You can check the other stockists too, HERE is the link!

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  1. Beautiful swatches! I'm so happy to learn that the Speckled polished only need 2 easy coats. Hooray!

  2. You have the most gorgeous swatches! Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos with us. <3
    I love the Speckled polishes. I like the more subdued flakes, so I ordered Hatch and Mint Chip. I am trying not to spend as much on polish as usual, but, after seeing your swatches, I may have to order more polishes from this collection. You make them all look so lovely!

  3. Gorgeous swatches! I've ordered hatch and can't wait for it to arrive!