Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Bundle Monster | Festival stamping plate collection

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And here are the new Bundle Monster stamping plates that I was talking about yesterday. This collection is called Festival, and they're filled with patterns that are perfect for summer! Actually the whole Festival collection (including the Cali Dreamin' gel polish set and the water decals, holo stickers) was made under the same theme, so you can mix and match these products to create a cohesive look under this major theme.
 The stamping plate collection is a 10 piece square plate set, and they will be launching tomorrow on
I guess they will be available as a set too, as well as individually.
I really like these plates, of course there are a couple that are not my cup of tea, but in general I think they look beautiful, and they are the usual high quality.
Now let's see them, I did a nail art with each plate!

The manicures are in order (so from BM-S01 to BM-S10), and I have photos about the plates too, so you can see all the patterns in big size. Under the manicures there will be a list of products that I used!

The first (S01) plate is pretty, but I wasn't inspired too much about it. S02 have some really cool patterns and I love the Sun in the middle!

A-England Whispering Waves + Mundo de Unas White stamping polish

Glam Polish Vortex + Mundo de Unas Gold stamping polish

S03 is my absolute favorite from this collection, and that crystal pattern is my most favorite stamping pattern of ALL TIMES! I really love the patterns that S04 has, awesome tribal inspired ones!

 This nail art was really popular on my Instagram, so I thought I will do a quick tutorial, you can watch that HERE.
Mundo de Unas Black stamping polish + El Corazón Large Hologram 423/535 (holo flakie topcoat) + Sally Hansen Plum Luck + Morgan Taylor Dress Up + Rimmel 558 Go Wilderness + Miss Sporty Quick Dry 470 + Golden Rose WOW 20
and for the "peel off" just use a simple clear topcoat, I used Sally Hansen Double Duty
More info and tips on revers stamping HERE

Cirque Colors Reflektor + Mundo de Unas Lime, Aqua, Tutti  stamping polishes

I liked these plates too, and the most important thing about S05 is that the patterns are small enough to fit almost all nail sizes!
Acrylic paints for the tie-dye base + Mundo de Unas Black stamping polish

Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue + Models Own True Blue + Morgan Taylor West Coast Cool + Avon Aqua Verve + Mundo de unas Black, Gold stamping polishes

Cool geometric patterns on S07, and awesome tribal-ish ones on S08.

Cupcake Polish Dream + Mundo de Unas Black stamping polish

piCture pOlish Desire + Mundo de Unas Gold stamping polish

S09 is not really my type (although I really enjoyed coloring the fox and polar bear :D), but S10 is sooooo awesome! I love every single pattern on that!

Models Own Jade Stone + acrylic pait for coloring and dotting + Mundo de Unas Black stamping polish

Mundo de Unas Black stamping polish + Morgan Taylor West Coast Cool + Avon Aqua Verve + China Glaze Highlight Of My Summer +Manhattan Rocktopia #6 + Essence 38 love is in the air +Golden Rose Rich Color #112 + Golden Rose Rich Color #50 + China Glaze That's Shore Bright + Golden Rose WOW #20

I absolutely love most of the patterns, and the quality is just awesome as usual! So these plates are launching tomorrow on, grab your favorites!

Bundle Monster Social Media:

What do you think about these plates?
Do you have any favorites?


  1. OMG - I need those plates. They are amazing.
    The designs you did with them - I immediately fell in love. <3 So AMAZING!!
    I love your crystal design very much and the bear/fox one not to forget the Little palm trees... Yes, I Need them....

    1. :))) I'm so happy that you liked my designs. And the plates are indeed really awesome! :)

  2. You did such a wonderful job. I like that I would be able to do decals with those plates and play around with different colors. What you did with the crystal design was so beautiful.�� I'm going to buy the flakie from El Corazón since the only similar polish I have are China Glaze's fairy dust & Butter London's star dust. Is there other El Corazón stamping polishes or normal nail polishes that you can recommend? Any color is fine with stamping polish as long as they stamp well. I like nudes, pastel colors and holo nail polishes. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much, I'm happy that you liked this post. ILNP also has some flakie topcoat (like Mega X or My Private Rainbow), but El Corazón is much cheaper. I don't have any El C. stamping polishes, so I can't really recommend anything, but I've seen on other blogs that their stamping polishes are good! I have a couple normal nail polishes from El C., these:
      They usually need 3 coats, but they are really pretty. I don't know how they creme polishes perform, sorry, I only tried these. Try Google it or something.
      But in general I think they worth a try, because they are not too expensive.

    2. You're welcome. I didn't know you have a blog so I'm very happy to know about it. El Corazón do have such cheap products so yes, I'm going to check around and see what the good items are. They have so many products that are super affordable that I'm overwhelmed (in a good way). Thank you for your suggestions and a big THANK YOU for sharing your talents with us.

  3. Great review! I just started following on Bloglovin...your photos are amazing!

  4. GIRL, YOU SMASHED THIS REVIEW! I absolutely adore all the manicures you've done and can't wait to try these plates :) My absolute favourite must be the amethyst crystals, I haven't seen ones like it yet! Amazing job!

  5. What an awesome overview of the entire collection! I really like it how you did a mani with each of these plates. It really gives a better understanding of the size of the images and how they'll look on the nail! Thank you for the awesome nail art inspiration! :D