Monday, December 02, 2019

Femme Fatale | L'Escarpolette coll. + Dec. COTM, FOTM

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

Femme Fatale is finally back with a collection that really speaks to me, these are the finishes that made me fell in love with the brand, I'm so excited for these colors!

It's a slightly sage toned medium grey crelly with pinkish-red microflakes.
2 coats + topcoat

It's a light blue when it's warm, and it turns to a blue toned purple when it's cold. It has red-pink shimmer and some scattered holo dust in it.
2-3 coats + topcoat

It's a "really beautiful but hard to describe toned" green base with blue-violet shimmer. That green has some teal and sage tones, and it's a little but muted.
3 thin coats + topcoat 

It's a really sheer, blush tinted base packed with blue-purple shimmer flakes and silver holo microglitters.
I used 3 thin coats here (+ 2 coats of topcoat), but I bet this could be used as a topper too. 

It's a really dark, blackened teal base packed with green/teal holo nanoglitters.
2-3 coats + 2 coats of topcoat 

 It's a clear base with blue-violet shimmer, pink/red holo glitters and glitter shreads.
3 coats + 2-3 coats of topcoat (this one dries really textured!)


It's an off-white crelly base with gold shimmer, gold holo glitters and glitter shreads.
3 coats + 2 coats of topcoat

It's a light pink base with gold-red shimmer, pink matte nanoglitters and silver holo nanoglitters.
3 coats + 2 coats of topcoat

My favorites from this bunch are Sylvan Glade, Joie De Vivre and Lace & Ruffles.

They are available for preorder right now at their website, until the 5th of December, and they will come to the stockists too (except the FOTM). These are limited edition, one presale only!

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  1. Gorgeous set. Lace n Ruffles and the thermal are both my picks :-D