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Femme Fatale | Enchanted Fables - Villains

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

Do you remember Femme Fatale's megacollection "Enchanted Fables" back from 2016? Those colors were inspired by princesses and damsels in distress, and now here's round two, with villains! The finish remained the same: shimmers and thermals, and there's also an exclusive polish, that can be only obtain if you buy the whole collection. I don't want to chit-chat too much, because this is going to be a hell of a long post, so let's see those 22 colors!

It's a grey-brown crelly base with lime shimmer that can shift to a gold/peach.
3 coats.

BLUEBEARD - thermal
Warm state: white
Cold state: bright medium indigo
It has a strong green shimmer that can shift to pink/purple in extreme angles and lights.
2-3 coats.

It's a deep, burgundy toned brown base with lots of gold-red(pink) shimmer flakes.
2 coats.

It's a sheer, bright teal jelly base with lots of blue-green-purple-pink shimmer flakes.
This is really sheer, most of the people will need 4 coats for a perfect coverage, but once it reached it's full potencial, it's gorgeous! It has a super reflective, foil finish.

It's a sheer dark indigo jelly base with green-gold-red-pink shimmer flakes.
3 coats.

HOOK - thermal
Warm state: light rosy-mauve
Cold state: grey-brown-purple (it depends on the light which color shows up stronger)
It has a strong blue shimmer.
3 thin coats.

Warm state: white/really pale pink
Cold state: bright, almost neon corally orange
It has pink-violet shimmer.
3 thin coats (mosty the warm state needs 3 coats because of the light color).

It's a deep plum base with green-purple-pink multichrome shimmer.
2 coats.

Warm state: light pink
Cold state: warm toned strawberry red
It has olive/gold to pink shimmer flakes.
2-3 coats.

Now this was a tricky one to photograph! According to the brand, the warm state should be tan, but at first, I couldn't reach that color, I saw a light green/camo. At the reswatch I could warm up my hands (with a hairdryer) to a point that the heat was almost unbearable, but I could finally see some sort of "tan-ness", however, by the time I could photograph it, my hand went a little bit colder, so it still has a green tint. So keep this in mind.
Warm state: tan/with green undertone
Cold state: dusty, undersaturated blue with a breath of teal undertone
It has a red(pink)-peach shimmer.
3 thin coats.

It's a light caramel color with slight olive tones and strong gold-peach-rosyred shimmer.
 3 coats.

It's an almost neon green with gold shimmer.
2-3 coats.

It's a bright teal base with bright lime-olive shimmer.
2-3 coats.

THE FOX & THE CAT - thermal
Warm state: light neony lime/yellow
Cold state: slightly rosy toned peach
It has a strong gold-orange shimmer.
3 thin coats.

It's a medium brown with camel/red undertones, and blue-violet shimmer.
3 coats.

It's a sheer mushroom (maybe with slight plum tones?) base with lots of olive-antique gold shimmer flakes that give a metallic/foil finish.
3 coats.

It's a sheer dark green (with slight teal tones) jelly base with green-gold-pink-purple-(blue) shimmer flakes.
3 thin coats.

URSULA - thermal
The base color is really similar to Hook, but it has a different color of shimmer.
Warm state: rosy-mauve
Cold state: grey-plum-brown
It has strong turquoise-emerald shimmer.
3 thin coats.

Warm state: white
Cold state: magenta
It has olive-gold shimmer.
3 thin coats.

WICKED WITCH - thermal
The cold state of this color is so hard to photograph, and what's even worse that I can't really describe it either :D Oh well, let's try it:
Warm state: neon lime
Cold state: seafoam/jade
It has turquoise shimmer.
3 thin coats

It's a warm toned medium purple (but it shows up colder in pictures), with blue shimmer flakes and red shimmer.
2 coats.

THE FAIRY GODMOTHER - exclusive, only available if you buy the whole collection, but then it's free

It has a barely there violet tinted base with gold-red shifting flakes, lavender holo microglitters, holo dust and gold-red iridescent microglitters.
Covers on it's own in 2-3 coats.

I'm not sure how I feel about the exclusive polish, I mean I can't really believe that there's someone out there who can buy 21 nail polishes in one go, but oh well, we have to appreciate the fanatics I guess :D

Anyway, The Fairy Godmother if FREE when you buy the whole collection (which will have 5% off), but it's gonna be only available through the official Femme Fatele site, so the exclusive polish won't reach the stockist. Also, this is a one presale only!
The other 21 shades will be available a couple of weeks late at stockist, list can be found HERE.

The presale will be live on the Femme Fatale website from February 1st 9AM AEST through February 5th 9PM AEST!

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  1. Thank you so much for this gorgeous swatches! It is pretty hard to capture all the effects and shades of a polish in pictures but you give me an exact idea of how they will look like :)