Saturday, April 29, 2017

Cirque Colors | Kawaii collection

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

 Cirque Colors officially re-branded yesterday, which means they have a new box and a new logo, but of course their formula remained the same, high quality formula, and that's what really matters, I hope we all agree on that.
The only change in the formula is that the polishes are no longer scented!

With the new look they launched a new collection, called Kawaii collection. There are 10 polishes in total, and 6 out of them are limited edition, which I will indicate ("LE").

It's a yellow gold metallic-holo polish. It has a wearable color for me, it's not that pale gold which makes my skintone even more dull than it is :D
It covers in 2 coats. 

I don't think that happy and Monday should be in the same sentence :D but maybe with this polish our Mondays will be happier... I will try that out one day!
It's a tiny bit dusty medium purple with a teal shimmer and holo dust.
It covers in 2 coats. 

It's a warm coral based pink polish with a cold pink shimmer and holo dust.
It covers in 2-3 coats. Compared to the other polishes, this one has a tiny bit jellier formula. 

It's a dustier turquoise base with gold-peach shimmer and holo dust.
It covers in 2 coats.

It's a bright blue/cornflower blue base with pink-red shimmer and holo dust.
I used 3 thin coats, but on shorter nails 2 normal coats can work. 

It's an antique silver metallic polish with holo dust. It's filled with tiny silver microflakes, just like the ones in Reflektor, but Shiny has a sligtly grey-blue tinted base which gives the antique, darker look.
It covers in 2 coats.

It's a deep, gorgeous purple. It's more on the warmer side. The holo flakies have such a stunning holo effect in the sun, sadly my pictures can't show the true glory.
It covers in 2 coats. 

It's a medium pink jelly base with holo flakes and pink-purple shimmer flakes.
It covers in 2 coats. 

It's a sheer, grey-blue tinted base with blue shimmer flakes, silver holo microglitters and green-gold-orange-red irredescent glitters.
I used 3 thin coats. It dries a bit textured because of the glitters, so 2 coats of topcoat is advised. This polish has a thicker consistency, which I like for a glitter polish, but I know some people hate that, so I just wanted to let you know.

It's a clear based glitter topper with irredescent glitters in different sizes, colors and shapes (square and hex).
I applied it in 1 coats over Cirque Glitterati.
It dries textured and this one also has a thicker consistency. 

I tried out the Matte Look Top Coat. It doesn't dries too fast, which I absolutely love about a matte topcoat! I also got their Liquid Laminate glossy topcoat, which dries quite fast and has a nice formula (not too liquidy and not too thick) but I want to test it a little bit further. They also sent me their Holdfast Base Coat. To be honest, I don't really use basecoat (only a peel-off one for swatching), but I guess now I have to, so I can review it for you in the future ;)

The Kawaii collection is already available at the Cirque Colors website, and at their stockists (list of stockists can be found HERE).